North Coast Beach route

Organized beaches to the northeast
If you are vacationing with your family and have young children, it would be better to choose an organized beach with deck chairs, umbrellas and a lifeguard. The beach of Rethymnon is the one for you. It is a sandy beach running for over 20 Km.,starting just from the historic cente, and its extending to Scaletta, crossing the Pigiano & Adeliano kampo.
If you are into sports, here you will have a chance to play diferent water sports such as racketball, beach volley or rent a sea water sports.
If you keep on going to the east, you will find Panormo, a picturesque fishermen's village that can satisfy all tastes.
A bit farther and at about 34Km. from Rethymnon you will find the Bali village, a very beautiful settlement by the sea with small ports which are ideal for swimming at an organized beach.
Alternatively, you can swim at the beach which starts from Petre River at the Rethymnon-Chania national road and extends to Georgioupoli, at the border with the Prefecture of Chania. In many parts of that area the water is particularly cold because in the sea water springs out coming from the surrounding mountains.



Rethymno city beach is the largest, longest, sandy and most popular beach on the north Crete. It is approximately 12 km long starting from Rethymno old town. Although a lot of the beach is along with hotels and resorts it still offers some stunning views into the historic center. There are plenty of sport activities to enjoy and organized umbrellas and lounge chairs along with plenty of offer of food and drink. Excellent choices of cafes and bars as well as taverns next to the sea water.



Usually when we refer to a beach in the centre of a city, our mind goes to a beach with a lot of people, without very clear waters. Of course, this does not apply to the beach of Rethymno. The beach of Rethymno is located in the east of thee city and extends to a length of 18 km, ending in the area of ​​Skaleta. It is a beautiful beach with crystal clear water and golden sand, fully organized (sun beds, umbrellas, beach bar, restaurants, taverns, lifeguard, showers, etc.), without ever being suffocatingly full

due to its enormous size. It is ideal for children as it deepens gradually and not abruptly and has plenty of space for sand games, so parents can enjoy their bath. It also has a plethora of water sports. What is striking and at the same time unprecedented on this beach is that the protected Carreta-Carreta turtles lay their eggs along the beach during the summer months. That’s why several places are fenced, so that the turtles can give birth in safe places.


The beach of Episkopi is located 12 km west of Rethymno, about 15-20 minutes drive from the city centre, by car or bus. Its name comes from the homonymous village of Episkopi, which is located 2 km south and originates from there the well-known business family of Vardinogiannis. This is another beach with a huge area, 3.5 km long. It is organized in some parts with sun beds, umbrellas, taverns and large hotel units and in some parts unorganized, so guests who want more isolation can enjoy the quiet spots of the beach. The waters are always clear, crystal and shallow, ideal for diving and absolute relaxation. What you need to know as visitors is that the beach is often affected by the winds, which can create dangerous currents. Of course, there are always lifeguards along the beach to take care of your personal safety.


Another beautiful, quiet, family and tourist destination is located in Bali, 30 km east of Rethymno. Attendance is easy either by road (car, bus) or by sea taxi from Rethymno, which passes through unique natural landscapes, caves and secluded beaches. Bali consists of four beaches known as Livadi, Varkotopos, Limani and Karavostasis. They are all fully organized, with wonderful clear, blue water and golden sand, in the protected bay of Bali and thus are not often affected by the meltemia(winds). There are also several hotels and rooms for rent, ready to welcome you, so you can combine vacation and relaxation with the beautiful beaches in Bali. Finally, it has a diving school, so you can enjoy and explore the rich sea floor of Bali with the help of specialized people.


Skaleta is a beautiful, seaside village located 12 km east of Rethymnon. It has all the amenities for a dream vacation by the sea, enjoying the clear waters and the hot sun either sunbathing or eating in a taverna by the sea. Access is easy by bus or car, as the beach is located below the national road Rethymno-Heraklion. Near the beach of Skaleta is the beach of Stavromenos and the beach of Sfakaki, which are not in all places organized, but they have places for peace and quiet away from the suffocating and intense rhythms of everyday life.


This beach is not one of the most famous in the prefecture of Rethymno, but it is very special. It is a small bay surrounded by large rocks, which is why it has this name. The visitors can visit the beach by car. It is an organized beach with sun beds and umbrellas and a small canteen, so you can get the essentials during your stay on the beach. It has pebble throughout the beach and the waters have a wonderful blue-green color which in combination with the imposing rocks, offer a magnificent and exotic landscape.