Cretan Traditional products

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Crete’s greatest treasure is located in its rich diet heritage. Every summer the Cretan Diet Festival takes place in the Municipal Garden of Rethymno, as an established gastronomy event. Open to the public, it promises to present a rich variety of local products, generously offered by Cretan soil, through the love and the effort of the producers and exhibitors. The quality and taste of the Cretan traditional products have made them world-known, that’s why they are considered as a perfect gift to offer. Among the most highly recommended local products to find in Rethymno’s unique Deli-shops are:

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  • Olive oil. There are different types of olive oil depending on its acidity level. The Extra virgin olive oil is the most expensive type of olive oil as it is also of the highest quality. Extra virgin olive oil is completely unrefined and has the lowest acidity level as compared to other types of olive oil. It is also very rich in antioxidants and has the highest amount of minerals and vitamins found in olives. Extra virgin olive oil is usually golden-green in color and adds a distinct flavor to your food.
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  •  The Virgin olive oil is also an unrefined type of olive oil which means no chemicals or heat is used while extracting the oil. The only difference between extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil is a slightly higher oleic acidity level. Virgin olive oil can also be used for baking. The Refined olive oil is cheaper than virgin olive oil. However, as compared to extra virgin or virgin olive oil, it is inferior in terms of vitamins, nutrients, and even taste and flavor. The Pure olive oil is a blend of extra virgin and refined olive oil. It is also lower in nutritional value as compared to virgin olive oil. Recommended for using it as a hair and skin oil instead of cooking purposes. In Agreco Farm (Adele) and in the Cretan Gastronomy Centre (Argiroupoli) you can have a unique olive oil tasting experience.
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  • Wine. Cretans are very well aware of the health benefits from moderate wine consumption; it is part of their culture: good wine is a perfect accompaniment to every dinner. Consumption of wine is not a solitary practice; it goes hand in hand with social events, good company, and comradeship. Modern wine industries of Crete have exploited the traditional great varieties and the centuries-old accumulated knowledge of wine-making. The typical Cretan wine varieties are vidiano, liatiko, mantilari and kotsifali. The most famous wineries of Rethymno are Klados Winery at Skepasti Mylopotamou, Kourkoulos Winery at Patsos of Amari and Zoumberakis Vineyards at Kali Sikia. 
  • Raki or Tsikoudia. It is a strong distilled spirit produced from the must-residue of the wine-press. During the drink's distillation process, there is a huge celebration among family, friends, and neighbors.
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  • Carob. It is called the chocolate of Crete. Carob trees flourish particularly in Crete which is known for the production and the best quality carobs and carob products, such as "charoupomelo", carob syrup, carob powder, carob snacks, carob candies, carob cream, carob liqueur, carob coffee. Carob has excellent nutritional value, as it is rich in calcium and proteins and is linked with various health benefits. 
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  • Honey. Cretan honey is well known for its rich nutritional value, as it strengthens the immune system and rejuvenates the human body. Honey is the first traditional sweetener used by Greeks since antiquity.  In fact, honey along with olives and grapes formed the beginnings of Greek gastronomy. The rich Greek flora biodiversity, with a high percentage of endemic plants, includes a wide variety of honey emanating from thyme, pine, fir, 
    and other conifers.
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  • Cheese, such as graviera, anthotiros, xinomizithra, serves as accompaniment or appetizer throughout the day. It offers vitamins A & D, proteins and calcium. Daily consumption of fresh dairy products is vital for the human body to benefit from its essential nutrients. You can find a big variety of traditional cheese in various delicatessen shops all over the town or in special cheese-making units.
  • thyme oregano
  • Cretan herbs are a great tradition of the island with a large number of endemic plants, such as malotira, diktamo, faskomilo, mantzourana, oregano, thyme, rosemary, and laurel. In Crete today, there are numerous herbs that have been used since antiquity as medicinal plants with exceptional therapeutic properties. In the Old Town, you can find a plethora of shops selling local herbs and spices coming right from the heart of Crete!
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  • Rusks baked in wooden oven, sweet or salty, are always a hit when you get back home. There are over 20 species of barley round rusks. Some are hard, others are soft with more or less barley flour, all suitable for a snack. The best, with the round hole in the middle where the top of the other ingredients spread out comfortably and irrigate with their liquid hard barley rusks making it so soft. In the Old Town of Rethymno, there are plenty of traditional local bakeries.
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  • Traditional pastry products. In the Old Town of Rethymno you can find the local workshop of Giorgos Chatziparaschos, one of the only pastry makers in Greece specializing in handmade kataifi.
  • Jars full of jams from fresh fruits or pickled vegetables.