Youth Tour

Youth trips to Rethymno

Welcome to Rethymno, the place which knows how to live, love and give. Rethymno has been blessed by God and people to be totally unique. The city offers a unique life experience that you will never forget!
You will immediately realize the countless choices Rethymno has to offer thanks to the impressive natural environment, the mild climate and the beautiful landscape with its numerous nature walks and miles of sandy shores. There are no words to convey the beauty of the endless beaches and crystal clear waters of the Cretan Sea surrounded by majestic mountains and gorges. The natural beauty of Rethymno will sweep you away into a dream world!
The valuable historical and traditional heritage of Rethymno will take you back to the enchanting past and the vibrant present, making your travel experience full of intensity and action.
Thanks to the high-quality services offered by luxurious hotel resorts and the fine food you can taste in local restaurants, Rethymno has successfully registered an explosive rhythm in the tourism growth in the last 30 years. You can enjoy the rich variety of flavors of the vibrant night life in many cafes, and night entertainment centers, thus revitalizing your body and soul and rewarding you for the choice you have made. In Rethymnon you will find everything you need and even the most demanding visitor will be satisfied.
We invite you to experience the unique charm and beauty of Rethymno and we are ready to give you a warm welcome in the city of the hospitality.

To “Venice”

Let’s have a quick view at the city to meet its inhabitants, who are well known for their hospitality. Wandering through the historic center of Rethymno you can admire the Renaissance architecture of the old town and the exquisitely restored Venetian buildings. You can visit the archaeological museum and the Venetian port, that attracts everyone at first glance. Other important monuments are the picturesque Loggia, the Rimondi fountain, the impressive Nerantze mosque (now the conservatory), the Paleontological museum, the Folklore museum, numerous fountains, gates and of course the Fortezza, a monument which justify the strong attraction that our city has on our visitors.

To the Countryside

Beautiful and picturesque villages are easy to visit because of their close distance to the city. They are ideal to take a short or long break from the daily routine and explore local traditions. It is quite sure that traditional villages like Agia Irini, Mili, Roussospiti, Chromomonastiri or Galos, Armeni, Kastelos, Maroulas, Prasses are just some of the places that will impress you with their rich history and natural beauty. The interesting variety of flora and fauna, the numerous impressive gorges, the spectacular caves, the evergreen pine forest, remote monasteries on mountain tops are a real challenge for those who love adventure. Rethymno a wide range of alternatives for those who want to combine mountain and sea. We visit the most significant monastery of Crete, the Arkadi Monastery, where you will be affected by the historical background of this place, strongly related with the idea of the Revolution for Freedom.

To the West

From the east to the west side, because young people can go everywhere! Chania does not need any introduction. A trip to the Venetian port is perfect to give new life and energy to your mind, body and soul. An alternative proposal: a visit to the Venizelos Tombs in Akrotiri, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city of Chania and the White Mountains (Lefka Ori).

To the East

Among the various range of options a must visit is the archaeological site of Knossos in Heraklion. Ιmagine to travel back in time and meet King Minos, Dedalus and Icarus. You can vividly see through your own eyes the most spectacular period of Cretan history. In addition, the most magnificent collection of Minoan art and culture in the world, unique in beauty and completeness is housed in the Archaological Museum of Heraklion. Also you can enjoy a refreshment at Liontaria Square in the historical center of Heraklion, having another trip to the time of the Venetian occupation.

To the University

The University of Rethymno offers a vibrant social and intellectual environment, full of life and energy throughout the year. In every corner of the city you can admire a picturesque atmosphere and enjoy a deep sense of security and familiarity.
Once upon a time a wise man said that the place we visit always affect our mind, body and soul. Here in Rethymno you can enjoy a unique life-experience that affects you so strongly, that it will be difficult to forget it. Something about the haunting beauty of the place will really get under your skin. Friendly people, the caress of the old Renaissance city, endless beaches, bike rides, cafes, taverns with home-made dishes, this is the picture that comes alive before our eyes when we send the application form to the university. Rethymnon is the city where everyone wants to go and, as a Cretan poet says, it is the place where everyone wants to return.

Vocational Training

The City of Rethymno understands the role of education and training in developing Rethymnos‘ most important asset, our young people.
Vocational training activities are a must in today’s tourism industry. Without updated the working skills, all other resources are ineffective, whether you are operating a family owned restaurant or a small business travel agent or working for a large hotel, a destination should develop all the necessary requirements.
The Professional Training Institute of Rethymno (IEK) has chosen the Department of Tourism of the Municipality of Rethymno for the practical education of the students in tourism, adding in its program curriculum, visitors management. The Department of Tourism is very content with IEKs‘ initiative to give a working involvement to the practitioners and co-organize programs.
Furthermore, young people from different European countries through Leonardo da Vinci vocational educational and training programs and students from the University of Crete choose Rethymnos’ Tourism Bureau to implement their training programs in collaboration with other schools or organizations that run Erasmus programs.
Through this internship programs, young trainees complement the knowledge and skills and gain practical experience in many areas, like practicing a foreign language along with the training classes. They also have the chance to participate in the promotion of the major cultural activities of Rethymno such as the Cretan Diet and the Renaissance Festival.

For the Municipality these programs give the opportunity not only to demonstrate the basic functions of the tourism industry at a local level, but also to concentrate, with its’ training efforts and a strong commitment, to the needs of the development and apply interactive learning throughout the info points.
Rethymnos’ Tourism Bureau in cooperation with staff of the Professional Training Institute of Rethymno presented a code of behaviour, studied local history and at the same time current tourism issues, such as “One-to-one Relationships”, in order to point the importance of how a Destination will stand out communicating with its visitors and treat them as unique individuals.
Discussions about experiences Rethymno has to offer and the importance of providing citys‘ information for cultural and sporting activities are among of those we promoting. Providing information to a visitor for a destination but at the same time understanding his expectations and collecting valuable data through the questionnaire helps the Municipality to develop its sustainable tourism development.
Promotion of walking routes in and out the city, the cultural and environmental assets and events, and most important learning the mission and the role of the Rethymnos’ Tourism Bureau, are invaluable benefits for learning how to promote not only Rethymno but every place as a tourist destination.