Rethymno warmly welcomes first year university students

A new initiative was kicked into action with the collaboration of the University of Crete and the Municipality of Rethymno.

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They are hosting a week to welcome first-year students in Rethymno, through a series of events and activities that are part of the spirit of social interaction between the university and the thriving community of Rethymno.
This campaign is a great way to welcome newly arrived students and help them settle into our community as they begin their life in Rethymno. This initiative encourages an open dialogue to help make Rethymno feel like home, on behalf of both the University of Crete and the local community of Rethymno.


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Both the University and the Municipality embrace various aspects of students' lives, such as the quality of their daily life, and their active involvement in volunteer, cultural, and sports activities.

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October 5 to 13, 2022, which include introducing the students to the local pace of life, cultural clubs, and other groups of the University of Crete, combined with visits and guided tours to monuments and sites in the city of Rethymno and ancient Eleutherna, as well as a  concert in the center of the city. In this way, they can experience the academic, urban, and cultural atmosphere that welcomes them.

BRAND EU Eleutherna visit

The heartfelt welcoming event took place on  Wednesday 5 October 2022, at Amphitheatre D7,  at the Rethymno University Campus and was broadcast live on the University of Crete YouTube channel (UOC - University of Crete).

In addition,  sixty local stores in Rethymno have agreed to offer special prices and discounts to University students for social and financial relief from the cost of living.

Rethymno is the perfect city for local, as well as  international students (Erasmus, Erasmus+, Leonardo Da Vinci, etc.) Being not only very friendly and lively but also offers amazing nightlife at a reasonable cost of living compared to other big cities, while being safe, bike-friendly, sustainable, and open to all.