Join a sea turtle walk

Join a sea turtle walk in Rethymno and enjoy a lifetime experience.

Rethymno is the city’s  primary beach for swimming and at the same time a nest beach among the most important sites for sea turtle nesting in Greece.

Caretta turtles lay their eggs on Rethymno sandy beaches1

The most common nesting sea turtles found in Rethymno are the Caretta-Caretta.

NestingSea TurtleCarettaCarettaRethymno2

Sea turtles are still considered threatened or endangered, and there are several reasons why. This includes,  besides pollution,  caughts  in fishing nets and human destruction of habitats.

The female Caretta caretta returns to the beach where she was born, to lay eggs, and so the cycle of life continues. The egg laying season is from May to September. The hatchlings emerge from their sandy nest 2 months after being laid.

sea turtle walk

Volunteer-led beach walks are daytime and give participants the opportunity to see nests or if you are lucky enough to see live Caretta-caretta depositing the eggs or  returning to the water.

Archelon hosts sea turtle walks in small groups and is volunteer-driven for turtle watch and to view nesting loggerhead sea turtles at Rethymno’s sandy beach. 

This walk is part of ARCHELON's multi-sectoral environmental awareness program and aims to integrate environmental interpretation as a conservation tool to raise awareness about the nesting beaches, the sand dunes and proper human - sea turtle interactions. These turtles are  part of our coastal ecology and all injured sea turtles should be reported to Archelon volunteers or to port authorities.

hatching to the sea 2019

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