Museum of Ancient Eleutherna opens doors for celebrations with two events

Museum of Ancient Eleutherna opens doors for celebrations with two spectacular events since its opening 6 years ago.

The Museum of Ancient Eleutherna in Rethymnon is organizing two spectacular cultural events for its visitors on Friday 22 July 2022.


From 2016 to 2019, the Museum of Ancient Eleutherna has presented a number of significant projects in all artistic fields (visual arts, music etc) and now, after a long period of restrictions due to Covid pandemic, visitors will be able to admire by night a celebration bringing together all forms of with the presentation of two unique events.


The Museum presents the exhibition “Stola, a garment of soul” by Vaggelis Kiri and Anatoli Georgief (“Stola” was the traditional garment of Romen women and it was usually made of wool) and the musical concert “Singing poetry at Eleutherna” with Maria Farantouri and Dimitris Katalifos. The concert starts right after the exhibition and it will take place in the external area of the museum in the enchanting open theatre.


Dimitris Katalifos expressed how thrilled and moved he feels to be part of this unique celebration and he mentioned that the presence, the personality and the speech of the director of the museum, Nikos Stabolidis, is of the utmost importance.

Maria Farantouri considers that the coexistence of poetry, music and antiquities in Ancient Eleutherna is a marvelous cultural event. Maria Farantouri is a performer on a global scale and she has transmitted, through her voice, the spiritual values regarding the Greek cultural heritage of modern times.

The concert starts at 20:30


 Archaeological Museum of Eleutherna – Homer in Crete
The Archaeological Museum of Eleutherna, the first museum on Crete dedicated to a single site, opened at the ancient site on 19 June 2016. It was the vision of Nikolaos Stampolides, Director of the Eleutherna Excavations, and a fruitful collaboration between the University of Crete and the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.
Eleutherna is situated in a favourable location on the northwestern foothills of Mount Ida (Psiloritis) at an altitude of  380m above sea level, with uninterrupted views to the northern coast of Crete.

The  excavations have brought to light important remains of the city and exceptional finds which demonstrate that the site has been inhabited from the Early Bronze Age to modern times.
Stampolides’ excavations, especially those in the necropolis at Orthi Petra, have demonstrated that Eleutherna was one of the leading cities on Crete during the Geometric and Archaic periods; the extraordinary finds from his excavations have changed our perception of early Greek art and have significantly increased our understanding of early trade, metalwork, seafaring and, arguably most importantly, Homeric society and values.

It offers the visitor the unique opportunity to learn about the site while strolling through an area of immense beauty whilst also visiting the exhibition spaces in the museum.

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