Bike Friendly Days 2022 & Cycling Tour of Hellas

Cycling, and Discover Rethymno in a fun and exciting way

 Bike Friendly Days and International Cycling Tour of Hellas kick off next week in Rethymno and are the active upcoming sports events from April 26 till April 30



cycling in historic center

It's a cycling extravaganza set along with the Old Town of Rethymno and the broader area. A week full of cycling, designed to gather locals and visitors to enjoy the natural and historic beauty of Rethymno, especially during springtime.  An amazing opportunity to connect with cycling enthusiasts from all over the world.

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Organized rides in spectacular settings throughout Rethymno offer the option to the cyclists to select shorter or longer routes and pedal according to their own capabilities.

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Cyclists have the opportunity to the great scenic, picturesque cycling trails with big mountain views and many traditional villages where they can stop for snack breaks.

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These cycling sports events promote a cycling culture prioritizing safety for cyclists in an effort to encourage bike use, giving space to pedestrians and cyclists in the historic center replacing cars, a perfect mode of transportation targeting net-zero emissions. Increasing the amount of bicycle parking and access to more cycling repair stations in many bike-friendly hotels encourages residents and visitors to bike a great way to reduce vehicles that impacts the traffic of the historic center. 

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Rethymnians are on bikes enjoying the city and region and the health benefits that come along with it, and our mission is to connect the community and promote a healthy and active lifestyle through safe cycling. 

The municipality's goal is to promote bikes as a convenient, fun, and accessible form of transportation.

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       On April 27th at 18:00 or April 29th at 11:30 take your bike and your friends and explore the old town on a free guided bike tour.  Feel Rethymno’s old town atmosphere and appreciate the well preserved historic center full of remarkable landmark buildings and end up enjoying the magical sunset on the top of the Venetian fortress. 


On April 30th at 11:00, there will be a free guided bike route to explore villages nearby.  Enjoy peaceful places by biking through vineyards and olive groves hillsides covered with pink and purple blooms of wild thyme, sage, oregano, and many more that cover the road sites, and enjoy the fragrant as the days heat up.  Enjoy the plethora of colorful wildflowers and a great range of picturesque villages to stop by.  

To further appreciate Rethymno’s eclectic culinary scene, join in the cycling week in late April and celebrate biking and outdoor activities paired with Cretan diet specialties from local restaurants. Be sure to check your calendar of events to take advantage of the town's culinary gems and explore Rethymno’s history, culture, and cuisine.