Rethymno offers rich gastronomic experiences this season

Flavors of the local cuisine


Rethymno is known as a destination where visitors from all over come to enjoy fascinating nature-based offerings, authentic traditional winter activities, and immersive cultural experiences, along with many gastronomic delicacies.

Rethymno has a lot of surprises for fine dining and gastronomic experiences.
In or out the city there are many restaurants and tavernas for every mood with great food and an extensive collection of local dishes.



Many of Rethymno's best dining establishments have been awarded Greek Cuisine awards 2021 for Contemporary Greek Cuisine, Classic greek cuisine,  Classic greek cuisine, and many more for hosting authentic cuisine. Many of the restaurants offer an amazing culinary proposal that is wonderfully enhanced by the traditional nature and the beauty of Cretan tradition.

Ingredients play a vital role in Traditional Cretan Food. Dishes made with local high-quality ingredients fresh seasonal fruits, herbs, and vegetables from local producers.
Wine lovers will be able to visit local wineries and experience the production of fresh local wine.

wines of crete
Being awarded with Recevine as wine city and with a decent production and labels appreciated by wine experts, wine tourism is a delicious surprise for visitors.
Best of all you can pair local wine with well-known Cretan dishes that are commonly enjoyed by many people of many different cultures.


Plan to spend the better part of the day dining on your own or with locals. There are many spots for lunch or diner, dessert, a cup of coffee, or a drink.


Then there’s the pleasure of holidays shopping. There are many locally-owned shops with traditional products which are great gift options.

Rethymno is a city that offers a spring climate throughout the year, highly engaging tourism experiences to welcome New Year meaningfully.

Great news for all of the foodies, Rethymno is a winter destination of culinary excellence for “new discoveries.”

Rethymno,      All Year Round!

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