Golden Age Gym Festival

Fall activities for the body and mind.

Rethymno celebrates the "Golden Age Gym Festival" 

  6 DAYS  - Gym Festival October 3-8 

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The pandemic changed our day-to-day life drastically.  We all stayed home more than ever before. Gymnastics usually impacts physical health and is also healthy mentally.   Residents will not be healthy if they are completely isolated from family and other people.  

Rethymno celebrates happiness, for 50+ with gymnastics,  music, dance, and many more, October 3- 8.

Rethymno brought a new, creative way to get together senior athletes from all over the world and to keep them active and entertained for a week with great weather conditions.

Seniors participate in a series of outdoor fitness events in the morning during the gym session and in a series of active presentations from groups and cultural events at noon.


The "Golden Age Gym Festival", hosted for the first time in our country and has been assigned to the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation by the European Gymnastics Federation and is running with the support of the Region of Crete, the Rethymnon Regional Unit, the Municipality of Rethymno, the Ministry of Culture & Sports and the University of Crete.


More than 400 participants 50 + years old filled the historic center and the coastal road of our city with colors and smiles for the great sports happening. Locals and visitors are celebrating this first  European event, after a year of delay, due to the pandemic.



Visitors can experience Rethymno’s unique hospitality and local culture through seeing, doing, dancing, and learning along the way.


 Piloxing Gold -  marina

Hatha Yoga - Yin Yoga at Rethymno beach

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Tabata with a band - entrance of the marina

Dynamic walking - entrance of the marina

Aerodance - Agnostou Stratioti sqr

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Tango - El. Venizelou str

Body balance/stretching by sticks - Metropolis sqr

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Creative pilates / stretching movements

Thai Chi - Qi Gong 

Floor exercise at Agnostou Stratioti sqr

Twisting at Mitropolis sqr

Working on the floor at the city park

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Rethymno appreciates every active gymnastics program and every opportunity to build relationships

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