Turtle hatching happening in Rethymno

 Hatching season is taking place and Rethymno is getting ready to welcome the new baby turtles.

Hatching starts in July and will last until the end of September.

hatching period in Rethymno

Rethymno beach is the third most important loggerhead nesting area in Greece, with an average of 350 nests.  Rethymno every year welcomes the sea turtle "caretta-caretta", which chooses the clean sandy beaches of Rethymno for its reproduction.

 sea turtle excavation4

 Locals and visitors are invited to participate in nest excavation, watching all the process and experiencing the joy and excitement . All nests are excavated by hand, until the appearance of opened eggs or trapped baby turtles crawling into the sea. Volunteers from Archelon help the trapped babies that cannot make it to the sea.

sea turtle excavation1

Protecting the environment is a core value in Rethymno.

carreta carreta

Keeping coastal areas clean and respecting the environment with sustainable principles, is a main priority throughout the year.

 We work closely with Archelon on ecological programs, in order to promote environmental awareness for locals as well as for visitors. It is provided useful information at the info point, located at the entrance of the Venetian port.

 For scheduled excavations visit https://www.rethymno.guide/events-calendar or @Fb: @archelon.gr 

For further information you can visit: https://www.archelon.gr/index_eng.php