Travel Planner App

App for mobile phones (Android & iOS)





The Municipality of Rethymno has proceeded with the development of an application – Travel Planner for the tourist promotion of the Municipality via mobile phones (Android & iOS)


Before starting the holiday, the visitor downloads the application. He creates (free) his personal account and chooses which points interests him most (e.g. museums, churches, etc.) thus creating a "personal tourist guide". In the “Trip Planner section”, he lists the dates he will visit the area and organizes the daily visit schedule. Also, from the "Preferences" section he determines what kind of updates he wants to receive (e.g. cultural events, business offers).

  • During the holidays, using the mobile app, he can get information about points of interest, routes, search information on a map and upload on social media the experiences of his vacation as well as a number of other possibilities. The visitor can also see when a bus passes by the stop and the route it makes to the destination.


The developed app Rethymno Civitas  is available in the app stores for Android and iPhone at the following addresses: