World Environment Day 2021

Plug into Nature

It is important that the theme of World Environment Day 2021 this year is ‘Ecosystem Restoration’ with a focus on a campaign to Reimagine - Recreate - Restore.

Ecosystem restoration is about recovering degraded or destroyed ecosystems and also conserving healthy ecosystems.  Ecosystem changes are caused by factors like overexploitation of the natural environment and the destruction of habitats.

Our duty is to ensure that we are doing all that we can to maintain the health of Rethymno’s environmental ecosystems and the protection of its biodiversity for future generations.

carreta carreta titlos

Rethymno long sandy beaches play a pivotal role in the reproduction of Caretta-caretta (loggerhead turtle).

 sea turtle excavation4

Caretta-Caretta is the only species of Mediterranean sea turtles that nest in Crete and Greece. Sea turtles always return to the same beach they were born on to lay their own eggs. 

Caretta turtles lay their eggs on Rethymno sandy beaches

Rethymno has the highest nesting density in Crete with an average of 350 nests.

careta hatcing

The municipality of Rethymno and  Archelon, the sea turtle protection society of Greece,  every year are involved in protecting these endangered species and at the same time at raising locals and visitors' awareness providing a better future.

Our alignment with environmental organizations supports and unites our voice along with all of the natural environment.