Rethymno - a winter paradise for exploring the great outdoors

Sun, sea, mountains, picturesque villages and countless archaeological sites are just some of the elements that make up the enchanting beauty of Rethymno.

winter in Rethymno

The city of Rethymno and its region makes for a perfect destination in all seasons, and our mild winter weather is not only a luxury, but a frequent phenomenon.

At this time of year Rethymniots relish the chance to leave their houses, breathe in the fresh air, and take part in activities that rejuvenate body and spirit.

Yoga on Rethymno beach

We may be experiencing a period of confinement because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but many outdoor sports are still allowed under certain conditions. With our wonderful twelve-kilometer long beach, walking, cycling, jogging and yoga are just some of the fun pursuits people can still enjoy.

family walking at Rethymno beach

In Rethymno, with the wonderful and long beach, walking, cycling, running and yoga exercises are some of the activities chosen by residents and visitors to exercise safely. Residents rediscover many of their favorite places, while visitors get in touch with them for the first time.

shoping around Rethymno old town

In our efforts to support sustainable development we’re proud to report that in 2020 Rethymno won the European Mobility Awardgiven by the European Commission in the Safe Walking - Safe Cycling" category from more than 3000 cities that took part in the competition.

exercise at episkopi beach

A popular destination for eco-tourism , many activities take place in the welcoming rural hinterland of Rethymno prefecture. Once Covid-19 travel restrictions are lifted, there is no better experience than to marvel at the natural beauty of the region. History and nature combine in rural Rethymno like nowhere else in Crete. Visit picturesque villages in stunning scenery and enjoy the fabulous south coast.

picking up

One can admire the special flora and fauna of the area, visit the picturesque villages and follow walking and cycling routes, while adventure lovers can try climbing. 

In recent years Rethymno has become an important destination for sports tourism,  hosting major sporting events such as  SOCCA World Cup 2019, the TRIMORE ISOMAN Triathlon, the Psiloritis International Mountain Race, Arcadia etc.

These exciting events are scheduled to continue once covid restrictions are lifted.

Old Venetian harbour of Rethymno

While following the Greek Government’s health protocols it’s still possible to enjoy the beauties offered in winter Rethymno and its unique hinterland. We look forward to welcoming you.

dining out at Rethymno historic center