Rethymno as a tourist destination in Digital era

A lot of people admit that this is a challenging period that has shaped our lives.

Due to covid -19 combined with digital transformation, most people work from home and interact with others online. Cloud platforms such as Zoom, Webex and Airmeet are some of the digital tools of the new era. This period has also emerged creative solutions in terms of traveling. Well, let’s get motivated and present some of them. How about a visit in the beautiful island of Crete at the end of lockdowns? Whether you want to work in the comfort of a hotel or escape from the digital world, the city of Rethymno specifically, is the ideal place for that. It is up to us, whether we choose to focus on the negative impact or dare to find new, optimist alternatives! As detailed below, we provide you with some suggestions that you can think about.

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Rethymno as a digital nomad hang out

Digital nomads are mobile professionals who perform work remotely from any place around the world by utilizing digital technologies. According to the Nomad List (a global community of 15,812+ remote workers living around the world) Athens, Rethymno, Rhodes, Santorini, Thessaloniki, Mykonos and Patras are considered ideal places in Greece for digital nomads. Rethymno is on the top of the list based on the Nomad score (taking many factors into consideration). Digital nomads choose their location based on leisure and lifestyle parameters and they are engaged in travel.

It is very convenient to get to the city of Rethymno, as a lot of airlines fly to Crete and the two airports on the island are one hour distance from the city. When it comes to terms of internet provision, we have to say that internet connectivity is very good and visitors can have access to the public wi-fi, available in 110 access points of the city. You can also get tourist information from the mobile-friendly web site and the Qr codes at the local info kiosks.

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 Rethymno is also one of the best-preserved Renaissance cities in Greece. The Old Town with its labyrinthine, the narrow streets, the Venetian port, the fortress, the beautiful squares and the historical sites, the museums and the monuments constitute a combination of east and west. Digital nomads can participate into cultural activities offered all year round, such as the well-known Carnival of Rethymnon, the Cretan Diet Festival and the Renaissance Festival. The city is full of picturesque “tavernas” (greek restaurants), traditional “kafenia” (greek cafes), bars and shops to buy traditional genuine products. The dishes are delicious, of high quality and cooked in a simple and healthy way. It is also well-known that Cretans consume a great deal of olive oil, more than any other Mediterranean people.

 Digital detox in Rethymno

Nowadays, we notice that we spend more and more time in the digital world for a variety of reasons. University surveys have been conducted, analyzing the rates and degree of 'addiction' on Internet. The indicative documentary 'Social Dilemma' in Netflix provides us with remarkable data on our time of engagement on social media and search engines. Some of the reasons why we are in front of our screens are connectivity, research on topics of interest, a sense of acceptance, new working conditions and others, as well.

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If you're starting to feel like you need to stay out of the digital world, we suggest you should visit the region of Rethymno for a digital detox in its unique nature and amazing landscapes. You can get lost in the gorgeous gorges, endless beaches, caves, lakes, and historic villages. You will have the opportunity to take part in numerous activities such as swimming, hiking, diving and cycling. Beach sports and athletic events are organized every year at the 12km beach of the city. Besides, you can get involved in experiences such as the olive harvesting in October, the distilling process of raki (a traditional alcohol drink of Crete), cookery seminars, along with the wine tasting in innovative wineries. Native people are very friendly, smiley and willing to help and talk with you. It is a lively city full of tastes, colors and enjoyment. You can also see how ceramists, carpenters, instrument makers and embroiderers create their crafts. Getting involved in adventures and activities is an ever ending, enjoyable process in Rethymno. As our minds are constantly being influenced by the use of technology and mobile phones, the key to keep balance is to ‘disconnect in order to reconnect’ later, refreshed. This harmony relaxes you and gives you the energy to keep going. The live exploration of a place, together with involvement in the experience of local customs and traditions, are a healthy way to keep in touch with ourselves and with other people, as well.

The rise of digital awareness is a movement for the well being of human beings. Everyone is talking about ‘tech addiction’ and the best we can do is to use technology in favor of us and not against us. Nowadays, research on the connection between technology and wellbeing, attention and addiction, finds itself in need of developing constructive solutions and initiatives. Some of the benefits of a digital detox are presented below:

- Our senses are sharpening.

- It reduces distraction.

- Our creativity is increasing.

- We're getting more conscious and productive.

- We're focused on the present.

- We use our time and energy effectively.

- We're observing.

- We're taking care of us and other people.

- We devote ourselves to an activity.

- We feel more alive.

- We're coming back renewed.

The analog world is out there, waiting for us to seize the day and under no circumstances can be replaced by the digital one. It can just enrich it! “Carpe diem” wherever you are! The city of Rethymno with its amazing experiences, the unique sights and the beautiful landscapes, is looking forward to your visit.