Rethymno awarded as safer and more accessible city for cyclists and pedestrians

Rethymno received distinction as part of European Mobility Week 2019 for its efforts to promote safe walking and cycling.

Rethymno is the second recipient of the European Mobility awards taking place at Zappeion Hall July 9 2020 for its major efforts implementing  to promote safe and sustainable transportation choices.

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A total of 3,135 cities participated in the different categories of the competition whose theme was “Safe Walking – Safe Cycling,” while Greece had 86 entries, a national record.

Rethymno is pleased to receive the second prize for the excellent work being done all those years from its community design program making access safer for all, pedestrians, and cyclists.  The award is a proof for sustainability goals in which the city has long invested significant efforts.

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Rethymno, with its nice climate and it's numerous bike routes in the city is a great destination for bikers from all over the world. The bicycle gives you the opportunity to explore the city in an environmentally safe way and at the same time, it is easy and quick without the fuzz and confusion that traffic may cause if you chose other means of transportation. You can access your desired destination in only a few minute's ride.