Greek Orthodox Easter during the Coronavirus lockdown

mitropolitis rethimnis

crete Easter

Easter, the most important holiday on the calendar for Christians, begins in a few weeks.

The government’s restriction measures for the coronavirus pandemic will be extended to April 27. The government has been reiterating the importance of keeping the measures, especially ahead of Greek Orthodox Easter April 19, a week after the Catholic and Protestant Easter.  Most of the people are wondering how to celebrate Greek Easter when churches are closed and gatherings are banned and visits to monasteries, which only perform services behind closed doors, are also prohibited.

Coronavirus lockdown is changing Greek Easter tradition and compelling families to get creative in ways to celebrate elevating the human spirit.

traditional Easter koulourakia tsourekigrandmother traditional Easter cookies

The Greek Orthodox Church will be live streaming its Easter services, and most of the families will follow the rituals at home. This year the family planned to maintain their customs by linking up with their grandmother and other relatives over video chat, just being all together. Most of them will gather through the internet with children and their grandmothers to make traditional red-dyed eggs and bake traditional Easter cookies (koulourakia) and the traditional sweet bread (tsoureki).

Covid 19 makes us celebrate Eastern virtually and not be close to family and friends. We all need to stay safe, not be selfish, respect each other and follow our rituals and traditions in a different way.  In the end, we will all come out to the other side much better people and society.