Best City Awards 2018

 best city awards2018

Rethymno, a city of sustainable mobility. Recognized for its excellence in providing all the initiatives

  for alternative mobility as well as for its actions for sustainable mobility, the Municipality of Rethymno received two important awards: the golden award for “Sustainable Transportation” and the bronze award for “Integrated initiatives for Sustainable Mobility” at the travel industry’s most celebrated event of the year the Best City Awards 2018.




Over the past few years, the Municipality of Rethymno has designed and implemented alternative transportation means, thus raising public awareness of alternative mobility. As a matter of fact, it was assessed as the first Greek municipality to be included in the European program CIVITAS initiative with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption in the transport sector. The Municipality of Rethymno participates as an implementation city in the project "CIVITAS DESTINATIONS", funded by the European Commission under the HORIZON 2020 program which aims at enhancing sustainable mobility and promoting cities as sustainable tourist destinations.


As far as the section "A-LIVEBLE CITY-Integrated interventions of Sustainable Mobility-Infrastructure & Urban Rehabilitation-Rehabilitation Projects", the Municipality of Rethymno won the bronze award, after its initiatives were evaluated for the innovative strategy on sustainable development and mobility projects aiming and maintaining great relationships, developing key partnerships in a beautiful, human, healthy, hospitable city, hospitable for residents and visitors for a sustainable tourist destination.



     The Municipality of Rethymno has adopted a series of innovative initiatives, such as:

the installation of three double charging stations for electric vehicles at key points in the city centre

the supply of an electric bus, which will follow a route within the city and will be of service for the citizens and visitors

the dockless bike share: with dockless systems, bicycles can be parked within a defined district at a bike rack or along the sidewalk. Dockless bikes can be located and unlocked using a smartphone app.

17,5 km of the pedestrian zone of sufficient width and all the modern pedestrian and accessibility traffic standards with special care for disabled people

12 km of new bike paths that guarantee the safety of cyclists and pedestrians  


 However, the most important thing is the change in the attitude of the citizens regarding their choice of means of transportation as, walking and cycling, have gained a high position in the preferences of locals and visitors.

Apparent changes are already being noted as far as the drivers are concerned: the pedestrian has now a full priority as drivers stop at the crossings and show respect to each other.