Water Conservation campaign

Comic  for water conservation in a fun and engaging way

The city of Rethymno is providing a water conservation leaflet to its residents as well as to its visitors in an effort to reduce water consumption and for responsible water utility especially during the high tourist season and due to low rainfall during last winter.

The launched campaign is a part of Rethymno's implementing policy towards sustainable and responsible practices to make this city an environmentally friendly destination, a better place for locals and visitors.


"As Public Utility Services, the provision of sufficient water of good quality has been a basic concern of the Municipality of Rethymno and of DEYAR (Municipal  Water & Sewerage Company of Rethymno).

In spite of the important role of water in health, economic growth and well being of the community there is constant misuse, irresponsible wastage and a general lack of respect for nature and its gifts. Water supply problems are being confirmed all over the earth and adequacy of water is being sufficiently emphasized even in the developed world.

In the opinion of the specialists, the wide misuse and wastage of water in our land and our country is unacceptable.

In our municipality, we are trying to bring into public awareness the shortage of water reserves and imminent water scarcity that threatens the planet, and, efforts are being made to get across the need for realization that the amount of water in the reservoirs must be preserved by using it properly by changing our daily habits and, by taking minor but important steps in our everyday activities such as those described in the following pages. We must consider that in this way we are protecting a commodity that is precious and very necessary for our health survival, not just for our own future prosperity but also that of our children."  Georgis C. Marinakis  Mayor of Rethymno

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"The reserves of drinking water, the most precious of nature’s possessions, used for human use is not fully guaranteed and should not be considered to be so. There is a continuous increase in the amounts required worldwide, for at least two reasons.

Firstly, there is natural growth in population in the countries.

Secondly, the needs of the residents for drinking water are continuously rising.  The water in our region is not inexhaustible. So, as citizens of this municipality, we must try our best, every day, to save water to the maximum.  The ways to achieve this are many, so long as we make amendments to our daily habits.

Let us, therefore, follow the above guide, so that we are all benefited.  LET’S NOT FORGET: BE CAREFUL BEFORE WE RUN OUT!  Thank you in advance for your support and our effort." Vasilis Theodorakis President of Municipal  Water & Sewerage Company of Rethymno