Floats colorful route

float decoration2 

Floats and Carnival: a colorful route in Rethymno

The city of Rethymno has already started wearing its festive costume giving of its best and announcing the theme of the Carnival for 2018 “Be your Best Self!”. The decoration of the city is designed to prepare all residents and visitors for the endless party that will follow during the whole next month!


Since last weekend January 13-14 2018, anyone who takes a walk down the streets of Rethymno can enjoy the street decoration of past parades floats that stand in almost every corner of the city. These floats are the result of the inspiration and the hard work of the Rethymno’s Carnival Groups and they may well be described as real works of art. They usually start as a vague idea, a white paper or a small piece of styrofoam and, in the end, they get shape and soul, and they are ready to “laugh” and to “satirize” as they are an integral part of the theme and the message of each Group.

The fate of each float is more or less predetermined: every float is born of the idea that becomes reality in the "carnival workshops", it comes out in the streets, it spreads its satirical mood and then, at the end of the Great Parade, it returns to its warehouse, always with a bit of sadness…



But its colors do not fade with time: it comes out again, and this time, it is there to remind, to inspire, to embellish our everyday life and to revive beautiful moments of previous Carnivals.


It is worthwhile to take a walk down the streets of Rethymno, to see and to learn about the history of this colorful route of the floats, to admire the inspiration of those who created them, but, above all, to be enthralled to the rhythms of this year’ Carnival!