Christmas @ Rethymno

Rethymno invites you and your family to celebrate and experience a different kind of Merry Christmas at a peacfull holidays!

 Christmas in Rethymno tsouderon Christmas in Rethymno kantada

Rethymno's annual outdoor decoration and for the first time, the Christmas Playground at the center of Rethymno's historic center is one of the must-see attractions for you and your family.

Rethymno will feature a grand selection of local winter events in the months ahead. 

A wide range of interests includes Christmas decoration all over the historic center and in the Mikrasiaton square a Christmas  Toy city, Rethymno's Christmas Playground.  

Wooden houses, colorful lamps, impressive toys, exhibitions, Christmas activities and melodies will flood the square. In the workshop, Santa's engines will work feverishly to create the gifts of children all over the world. Our little friends will be able to visit the house with the elves delicacies to make their own sweets, the Santa Claus workshop to help produce the Christmas toys and the fairytale house to hear the most spiteful narrations of the elves. In the pallet house, the magic brushes will paint the children's faces while in the Santa's post each child will be able to write and post his own letter with his own unique Christmas secret.

"In Rethymno's Christmas Playground  smiles and greetings, strong laughs and endless toys, wonderful treats and warm hugs and maybe even a few, small and innocent Christmas teasing will be all around!"

Christmas lovers are invited to take part in many activities scheduled during this month-long Festival providing a beautiful setting for Christmas spirit to every one of you, who will have the chance to be in Rethymno during the Christmas time.

Dozens of pastries vendors as well as fine art and craft exhibitors will show and sell their works in the small tents at this family-friendly event. The program will include live music every day as well as food and local drinks tasting like wine and tsikoudia from a variety of on-site vendors.

Winter visitors will experience a magnificent winter vacation enjoying fresh wine tasting as well as the production of tsikoudia and olive oil, which take place this period. Touring the entire Rethymno's broader area, with endless options of excursions and day visits to many picturesque villages, you will experience the Cretan real and authentic hospitality that is offered to everyone all year round. 

To make planning even easier, the tourist information kiosk, located at the entrance of the Venetian Port will be on hand to provide to all visitors an array of Christmas inspiration and make your visit unforgettable!

It is our pleasure to invite you and your friends to participate in the Christmas events and have the opportunity to be part of the most playful Christmas park in Rethymno, not only as guests but also as volunteers. Have the chance to live the unique Christmas spirit actively by playing with fairies and elves or Santa Clause himself and offer endless joy, laugh and love to our guests and their families. 

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