plastic pollution

Plasteco Interreg

Today Tuesday February 2nd, a  team of local authority representatives along with professors from the University and researchers are in a video conference working meeting in Rethymno in order to bring members of Plasteco Interreg project to gradually  abolish disposable plastics from regional value chains, through achieving consensus with producers and consumers. 

Plasteco meeting February2022

Representatives of institutions, nonprofit environmental advocacy groups to better understand the life cycle of plastic pollution and plan the appropriate steps to keep Rethymno a sustainable tourist destination, and also to present ways to eliminate single use plastic away from the pristine beaches and Rethymno’s sensitive marine environment.

Plasteco meeting February2022Participants

The main goal of the meeting is to inform all the participants about  the abolition of disposable plastics, the prospects of the circular economy, the importance of recycling, the way the issue is addressed by Municipalities, businesses and education, as well as for relevant good practices that exist.

The aim of today's meeting is also to raise awareness around the issue of disposable plastics and recycling, as well as information on project actions. 

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