Rethymno is among the Bikeable Cities

The Municipality of Rethymno received the Bike Friendly Destination Certificate. 

Rethymno bike friendly destination EN

Rethymno is now officially part of the six cities in Greece that apply good practices in areas of alternative transportation means, have the infrastructure, and are implementing a series of actions that enhance sustainable mobility.

The award and certification of the Municipality of Rethymno come as a recognition of many years of efforts and achievements, bringing a dynamic momentum to Rethymnon as a tourist destination, attracting visitors who choose alternative forms of tourism. Through cycling, visitors are open to new experiences, contact with nature, and acquaintance with the city and inland. That promises multiple benefits such as the extension of the tourist season, the constant goal for tourism "all year round" and significantly stimulating the local economy.


The award was received on Friday from the non-profit organization NatTour which in collaboration with the Hellenic Society for Nature Protection, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Environment and Energy recognized the Municipality of Rethymno as a friendly city to bicycle.


The Municipality of Rethymno has the infrastructure that can support cycling tourism and is friendly for cycling routes both in the city and the inland, with more than 15 km of bicycle paths in the city and more than 100 km in the broader area.

 The last weekend of October was also the last regional cycling race for Atlas athletes.  What an amazing way to end the season by taking place at a mountain bike cycling racing experience!

More than 90 riders, representing 30 clubs from all over Greece,  took part in the final race of the regular season for the Rethymno Cycling Leagues  Rethymno was hosting about 160 people and it was a great pleasure being here with us, impressed by the resilience shown by the riders.


 Atlas's goal is to provide an inclusive experience for each athlete and enable them to strengthen body, mind, and character through the lifelong sport of cycling.



On Friday morning, the athletes in the boys and girls categories went for mountain biking laps around the Pefkakia Hill trails with varying difficulty levels. 


There are beginner and intermediate trails and eventually is planned to adjoin the city. The pine tree park is becoming an asset to the community for cycling and exercising while enjoying the beautiful scenery to the Rethymno fortress and around the Old Town.


On Saturday all the action moved to the city sandy beach of the picturesque historic center and the old port.  Perfect racing conditions, and an amazing learning experience!

There was a great fall challenge for all the participant athletes.



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