Rethymno, a feast of fall colors and tastes

Your Autumn escapes


Autumn is a perfect time to visit Rethymno. Central location on the island of Crete, traditional hospitality, quality video accommodations, and delicious food make Rethymno the perfect holiday choice.


Most of the hotels, villas and boutique hotels are still open and convenient to attractions, bike, and hiking trails, museums, shopping, and dining.  Rethymno has a long tradition of hospitality that is expressed in its accommodation options. Check out special offers booking directly through the hotel’s website or calling directly. 


Many restaurants & tavernas offer outdoor seating and plenty of choices for fall fun.  Enjoy a traditional meal dining in or out of the city. Locally produced vegetables , fruits and the wild greens  are ingredients for lunch and dinner menus filled with local wine varieties.


Above all, travel experiences in Rethymno offer activities that revitalize the body and nourish the mind and lead you to a better quality of life.

cycling in south coast

As fall is on its way, you have the time to plan your next escape for outdoor activities throughout the community and an incredible opportunity to find out about many bike and walking tours.  Many cycling routes give the chance for sightseeing and dining at small villages or at the coastline. Rethymno is open to any kind of physical exercise.  With perfect weather conditions, cooler temperatures making for less sweaty rides to fully enjoy the scenic view. Choose trails and walking routes for walking, hiking, and biking in the countryside. Explore the Amari valley, beautiful gorges such as Mili gorge, the highest mountain on Crete, Psoliritis, and the wild southern coastline. With an average sea temperature of around 22 degrees Celcius and the rainy days fewer than in the rest of the country, Rethymno is an ideal destination to enjoy swimming during fall.

 Grapes are ripening along with fall colors, bringing yet another reason for the fall celebration.  The grape harvest season provides just a perfect time to experience the harvest and visit local wineries for wine tasting and learn more about the local wine varieties.

wine making Agreco

Experience Rethymno's countryside with wine and olive harvesting season coming out. 

 You can visit or you can book agrotourism accommodation units located in the broader area of Rethymno that allow tourists to help with olive harvest and experience local life and get acquainted with the history of the olive, learn about the importance of olive oil in a healthy diet and its connection to Greek culture.

Visitors can stay and pick olives using any of the age-old harvesting techniques and transfer the harvested olives to a traditional olive press.  It's very exciting to take part and learn the traditional art of extracting precious oil and watch how the gold of Crete begins to flow and fills up the air with its aromatic fragrance.

You can also visit the Olive Oil Museum at Kapsaliana or the museum at Chromonastiri. Museums exhibits refer to cultivation, harvesting, and olive oil production, picking of table olives, and there is also a display of olive-based cosmetic products.

Art of pottery
In Rethymno or at the villages you can shop for unique, locally crafted gifts made by local artists.

Make the most of your trip to Rethymno this fall when you plan your visit to coincide with cultural events such as preparations for Rethymno Carnival.

You won't want to miss this opportunity to enjoy the fall leaf out colors and reserve your romantic holidays just for you!

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