An alternative carnival

The city of Rethymno has also “worn” its Carnival costume this year for a special celebration of the famous Rethymno Carnival.

Carnival old floats2021a

The Carnival of Rethymno will be celebrated without the magnificent parade, the impressive floats, the dozens of carnival groups, the joyful parties and the thousands of visitors, as part of the necessary measures for the pandemic.

However, the Rethymno Carnival is noticeable in all corners of the city, while online events are also being planned.


Carnival old floats4 Carnival old floats3

The floats that took part in parades of earlier years, as well as those that were constructed last year but were ultimately not used due to the postponement of the Carnival, are decorated in various parts of the city in an effort to celebrate the Carnival even in this peculiar way.

Carnival old floats2

Carnival old floats5

Walking through the streets and squares of Rethymno one can notice those floats that he once admired in the carnival parade together with thousands of other people in a cheerful feast until the morning, with loud music and endless fun.

These floats, many of which are really "works of art", are the result of inspiration and especially hard volunteer work of all the members of the carnival teams that participate every year in the Carnival of Rethymno.

carnival float6

Starting with a piece of paper and a simple idea, each team’s creations are based on a theme they choose. The unique inspiration combined with the excellent technique, experience and passion, give shape to pieces of recyclable materials and turn them into a colorful, funny and satirical carnival chariot.

It is worth strolling through the streets of Rethymno to see and admire the work of all those who created and participated in one of the most famous carnivals in Greece, the Rethymno Carnival, while for this year's alternative online actions that are to be done, you can visit its official website of the Carnival

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