Think Spring!

The "warm" hospitality of local people combined with the beautiful weather that is getting warmer, make Rethymno the ideal destination for spring getaways, always according to all the necessary health protocols.

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During spring the weather in Rethymno is mainly sunny and warm, with temperatures often similar to summer (over 25 Celsius). The ideal conditions for activities in the countryside and Rethymno offer a variety of such activities.

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Cycling, nature walks, mountaineering, tours in villages, monasteries, and archaeological sites are some examples.

 Rethymno has been recently among the 15 best European destinations for travelers that are going to be vaccinated, and it is now one of the cities marked "Bike Friendly", which is a bike-friendly city.

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In the city of Rethymno, there are several bike rental points. The network of cycle paths, within the city, is 20 km long, while in the wider area around and outside Rethymno, there are 22 cycling routes.

The Old Town of Rethymno, one of the most beautiful and well-preserved medieval cities in the Mediterranean, is a challenge to discover the unique beauties of Venetian and Ottoman architecture, its colorful alleys, mosques, museums, and churches.

Outside the city, the cyclist can enjoy traditional villages, vast olive groves, ancient paths, archaeological sites, and monasteries.


The natural beauties of Rethymno are generously offered to those who choose the walking routes. In addition to admiring the variety of flora and fauna of the area, visitors can discover trails with incredible views leading to the top of Psiloritis, as well as the many gorges scattered throughout the prefecture. Adventure lovers can try climbing, too.

Whether by bike or on foot, archaeological and historical sites offer unforgettable experiences to all.

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Ancient Eleutherna is just 12 km away from Rethymno, near Psiloritis. It’s a place of unique natural beauty and archaeological importance, with an amazing museum that includes important findings.

Visitors can get to the Byzantine monasteries and churches of the wider area of Rethymno and admire their special architecture, priceless images, and rare murals.

The historic Monastery of Arkadi, the most famous of the monasteries in Rethymno, a symbol of self-sacrifice and freedom, belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List, as a European Monument of Freedom. In the museum of the Monastery, the sacred banner of the Revolution, as well as other relics from the glorious past, are exhibited.

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Allied with the wonderful spring weather and following all the necessary health protocols, Rethymno offers its visitors the opportunity to rejuvenate the body and spirit in the wonderful countryside.


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