The spirit of Christmas in Rethymno

The Spirit of Christmas shines through the Rethymno community.  

There is a need to cheer up from time to time, especially this year. It's the most wonderful time of the year and what a year it's been!

christmas lights

Xmas decoration

Rethymno is bringing a spectacular light display, illuminated balls with seats, lights even on the palm trees, Christmas motifs lighting up all over the historic center.  An annual tradition returns to Rethymno despite the pandemic, the holiday spirit continues.  The municipality of Rethymno took care of giving a touch of optimism and joy, illuminating the streets and squares with its new, unique, Christmas ornaments.

Xmas decoration Ukmown soldier sqr


Passing by, you will see children and adults being photographed in the new ornaments, turning a simple walk into wandering through a Christmas town! You can stroll among illuminated balls with seats, tall Christmas trees, colored flowers, as well as other impressive, Christmas constructions. If you look up a little more, you’ll also notice the bright lamps placed on the palm trees, giving a different feel to this year’s Christmas!

church christmas decorations

You can enjoy the lights. You can smile even under your mask. You can feel safe in Rethymno even in a time where things are kind of crazy.

It's always a great way to celebrate Christmas and spread some holiday spirit and cheer the community. 

keeping things simple this year in hopes that fewer people will gather outside their home, where we can’t control social distancing and mask-wearing.