Traditional Cretan music and dancing experiences

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Rethymno Department of Tourism & Volunteer network "RethElondo" through visitors experience management has adopted a new approach promoting tradition to our visitors. Our focus is to keep the Cretan music and dance, Cretan tradition and spirit, alive in the hearts and minds of locals and visitors. Through this video via our platform it also reaches people, who are planning to come to Rethymno, to experience local tradition, offering a real contribution to a world more open to everybody.

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We are truly excited about presenting a rendezvous of traditional musical performance, sharing a common passion for music by Kordazakis lyra, and Synolakis lagouto -  each of those instruments is a treasure as it represents the traditional culture and custom of Crete - providing live music to the dance performances by Horokrites. During their performance last Friday August 7 at Rethymno marina,  the local folklore group of artists and dancers demonstrated their passion far beyond music and dance meeting local history, tradition and culture. Locals and visitors had the opportunity to taste Cretan dishes offered by Papadopetrakis Catering and enjoy Cretan music & dances.

The Folklore Group Horokrites  was founded in September 2018 by two experienced dancers and choreographers Emmanuel Caparo and Maria Aglioti.They organize performances and events for the preservation and revival of local dances and the traditional Cretan customs. Occasionally they participate in cultural events all over Greece and abroad. Horokrites is a group of people who believe in tradition and local roots, aiming to give young people the chance to feel and  preserve the Cretan dance steps, Cretan music and the rebellious soul of Cretan people.

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