People return to dining experiences as restaurants reopen

As restaurants, cafes & bars are opened since May 25 is part of the fourth phase of the Greek government plan to loosen restrictions.

restaurant old town

Restaurants, cafes & bars reopen fulfilling dining changed behaviors after Convid-19. 

Restaurants are taking specific actions to address locals' and visitors' dining concerns and serving requirements and protocols that are in place due to dining restrictions and measures to keep customers and employees safe, emphasizing more cleanliness, social distancing than ever before,  mainly dining out.

Limiting the number of people, as many as 6,  in dining space, increasing space between diners, providing antiseptic and other sanitation requirements, and above all serving quality locally produced ingredients with higher standards for cooking and preparation, customers feel comfortable and safe in the new Covid-19 dinning era. 

sioufikta sfougato

Rethymno remains a gastronomic destination all year round waiting for all of you to taste some of the best ever taste dishes of the worldwide known Cretan cuisine paired with incredible local wines.