Live streamed event brought virtually together all the members of Rethymno Tourism Committee with the mayor

The Rethymno Tourist Committee hosted a web meeting over Zoom on  Tuesday, April 21st bringing all public and private participants in 
tourism and hospitality to roll out measures to support the local economy.

web meeting over Zoom1
The event that was ‘live-streamed’ virtually brought together all the members of Rethymno Tourism Committee with the mayor. The Tourism Committee by putting Rethymno’s residents first is working  in collaboration with all sectors to find ways to restart incoming 
tourism in a safe and sustainable way. The mayor of Rethymno Mr. Marinakis listened carefully to the members  of the committee including their concerns, proposals, and suggestions 
in order to adjust the budget and programs in this sector as necessary. The measures that the authorities have implemented so far throughout the Covid-19 crisis has worked positively with no losses.
Under the present circumstances, all authorities concerned shall be in constant touch while being creative and collaborative so that we are well prepared for the coming days in our city of Rethymno and the  Ιsland of Crete in general.

We shall bring into practice as soon as possible all practically possible proposals that will help a strong much-awaited start into this year’s Tourism. The department of tourism is working hard on doing whatever would be  necessary for its power to make sure that tourism businesses come out 
of this crisis and is ready to welcome visitors as soon as possible.