World Tourism Day 2019

“Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all”

Enjoy a video with the highlights of the event.



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World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on the 27th of September. Its purpose is to bring global awareness of tourism’s social, cultural and economic value.

This year, the theme is “Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all”.

All around the world, the tourism sector is the leading source of employment, supporting many millions of jobs. At the same time, it is a catalyst for equality and inclusivity. In many places, tourism employment gives women, young people and those living in rural communities the chance to support themselves and their families and to integrate more fully into wider society. Tourism is a sector that allows quick entry into the workforce for youth, women and poor.  The tourism sector, therefore, is not only an engine for economic growth but also an effective tool for poverty alleviation and equal opportunities.

In Rethymno, we believe that the development of tourism is directly linked with community development. We want the local population to benefit from the development of tourism in our region. In the process of job creation, we make sure that our strategies for the development of tourism are not in conflict with the environment and have a minimal negative impact. We promote a Sustainable Tourism policy through various actions and initiatives, which has turned Rethymno into a “smart” city.  

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Each year, the Municipality of Rethymno is rewarding the repeaters, the “Friends” of the city, who choose Rethymno as their favorite holiday destination for many years now and they still keep coming back.

 This year, as the theme of World Tourism Day 2019 is “Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all”, the Municipality of Rethymno has chosen to reward AGRECO Farms for its contribution to the job creation and tourism promotion of our city. The organic Agreco Farm promotes the traditional Cretan life and diet and offers unique hand-on experiences to its guests. At the same time, it employs a number of local producers and farmers, people that know best of all the famous Cretan way of life. 

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As we celebrate World Tourism Day, we recognize the transformative power of tourism. Together, we can evaluate tourism’s potential to build a better, more equal future!