All eyes on Rethymno, Fall 2019

You have definitely thought of visiting Rethymno to swim in crystal clear waters, having fun in the sun on one of its numerous endless beaches, visiting important archaeological sites and getting lost in the maze of alleyways of the old town. But have you ever thought of visiting Rethymno for a sports event?

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Now you have the unique opportunity to participate in two major sports events taking place in the city of Rethymno: The Isoman Equalized Triathlon and the 2019 Socca World Cup.

The Isoman Equalized Triathlon by Trimore is going to be held in Rethymno on the 27th-29th September 2019. It is a great 'race' in a perfect Greek beach holiday setting!

The race includes Half Olympic Distance Triathlon (Swimming 750m, Bike 20km, Run 5km).

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Rethymno was also selected to host the 2019 Socca World Cup between the dates 12th to 20th October 2019.

The Socca stadium will be built on the main seafront, directly on the beach and overlooking the ocean in what promises to be the most picturesque setting there has ever been for a sporting event. 

32 countries will be battling it out for a week to try and wrestle the crown from Germany, and the standard is sure to be even higher than in 2018.

With a larger stadium, bigger crowds, more teams, and an altogether more supreme experience, Rethymno 2019 promises to surpass every expectation and become the new benchmark for any small-sided football tournament anywhere in the world!

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