Caretta turtles lay their eggs on Rethymno sandy beaches

Caretta turtles lay their eggs on Rethymno sandy beaches

Caretta turtles lay their eggs on Rethymno sandy beaches1

Please do not disturb the Caretta Caretta

The ARCHELON is very happy to announce that loggerhead sea turtles have made their appearance in laying eggs on Greek beaches. Once again the hatching season has begun here in Rethymno.

Most of the nests are recorded in Rethymno bay, which hosts the third largest breeding population of Caretta in Greece. This year's hatching period in Crete began a little later than the previous years.

The first nest was found on the beach of Adelianos Kampos in Rethymno Bay on Saturday1st June by the volunteers of the ARCHELON Organisation. The volunteers of the organization work several hours daily to record the conditions of the reproduction and to find traces that will lead them to the nests.

Moreover, they monitor the nests, viable eggs, and active hatchlings.ARCHELON together with the Municipality of Rethymno, is informing beach visitors what to do in case they encounter hatchlings on the beach during the day. Water should not be poured over them, nor should they be transported to the sea, as itis crucial that hatchlings walk their way to the sea by themselves. Shading them and leveling the sand in front of them until they reach the sea are the only things humans should do at this point.

seaturtlerelease  sea turtle release

This is the time to ask that artificial lights near nesting beaches are turned off. To find their way to the sea, hatchlings follow the reflections of the moon and the stars on the sea. Artificial lights disorient hatchlings and eventually cause their death on the land. Beach furniture must be removed every night until mid-October. During the same period, the movement of heavy vehicles, leveling of sand, washing of beach furniture and night parties must be avoided on nesting beaches.ARCHELON volunteers are available daily at the information kiosk of Archelon in Rethymno's old port, providing environmental information to visitors and locals.

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