strong presence of Rethymno in MITT 2019 exhibition in Moscow


With the aim of attracting tourists from Russia,



the Municipality of Rethymno participated in the MITT exhibition, one of the top five travel exhibitions in the world.MITT is a highly-valued exhibition promoting Crete and Rethymno through a series of meetings with travel agents and media experts.


Rethymno is considered as a destination encapsulated in a plethora of cultural and religious values as well as natural resources.“Our goal is to promote our slogan Rethymno, a smart choice all year round to professionals and travelers all over the world, as part of our promotion policy in Greece and abroad” clarifies the Deputy Mayor for Tourism, Mrs. Pepi Birliraki. She further highlights that “this event enhanced the development of a new collaboration between the Municipality of Rethymno and major Russian tourist agencies.

The presentation showcased Rethymno as an alternative tourist destination all year round, attracting high-income tourists”.

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