Rethymno Wins Triple at the 2019 Greek Travel Awards

Rethymno voted as best family, city and culture destination!

2019 Greek Travel Awards1

Recognized for its excellence in providing world-class travel and tourism experience and in the framework of the GREEK TRAVEL AWARDS organized in the city of Stockholm February 14 2019, held at the famous Nobel Hall at the Blue Hall of the City of StockholmRethymno won two bronze awards for best city and family destination and one gold award for the best culture destination.

Rethymno is a city where you can find a lot of family-centric activities, good family holiday deals and a list of the best family-friendly resorts. A family vacation is a special time to nurture familial bonds and make indelible memories; it’s an emotional opportunity to connect with loved one's experiences!

Whether looking for a peaceful not crowded or overtourism destination, a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday or a fun action adventure for all the family, Rethymno provides the perfect destination getaway.

A wide variety of cultural events all year round, such as the Carnival in the heart of winter, the Cretan Diet Festival in July and the Renaissance Festival in the summer, these are all the hallmarks of a great cultural city.

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The awards were initiated under the auspices of GNTO - Greek National Tourism Organization, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism, the Association of Greek Tourist Enterprises, the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, the Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers and HATTA.

Upon receiving these awards, Mrs. Pepi Birliraki president of Rethymno's Tourism Committee commented "It's an honor to me and my city to receive these awards. It's the outcome of our efforts and this motivates us to continue.  We all know that every place has its own charm, culture, and cuisine. To receive these important awards, it's because we are offering an opportunity to those who’d love to come and visit Rethymno to live this cultural and gastronomic unique experience with their loved ones. Just before the Great Opening Ceremony for the Carnival, it is a great joy to celebrate the Gold Greek Travel Award for Culture and welcome all Scandinavians to our cultural events!”.