Shop your way to the historic center

Search for special gifts, beutiful jewelry, and other unusual items while enjoying a dose of history in Rethymno's shopping districts.

With a huge range of independent shops, picturesque boutiques and distinctive markets to explore, there's never a dull moment while shopping in Rethymno. 

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It's easy for any visitor to get to the historic center of the town in a small walking distance giving you the feeling of familiarity but at the same time excitement to be explored.

 Cycle downtown to the trendy and promising historic center to enjoy shopping and a dinner with friends or drink your coffee at one of the many barista places which offer high quality beverages. From the fragrant herbs to a variety of spices used in traditional Cretan cooking,  guests can discover the city's rich culinary heritage and its treasure collection of herbs and spices in a fun and  direct experience. 

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The local open markets offer a fantastic range of fresh fruit and vegetables and all the producers are specifically chosen for their dedication to delicious, sustainable and ethical food choices. Make the most of the opportunity to speak to stallholders and find out how the produce is grown. They may even have some handy cooking tips or recipe ideas!

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Rethymno is in a delicate balance between old and new, with some of its neighborhoods overrun with tourists and others with only locals; a city that embraces every culture and every type of traveler, from younger ages to older people and people with special needs, Rethymno is easily accessible and ready to welcome all. Old, historical buildings together with the modern city can be found in perfect harmony making the whole shopping experience really unique.

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 It's a mixture of traditions and modern, international trendy small cloth and leather stores and considerable opportunities for souvenir shopping. From gorgeous and high-quality handmade art, home décor goods to jewelry, bags and purses, small stores in Rethymno offer plenty of cool, exceptional gifts for you or your loved ones. Handmade jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, earrings, and rings are the perfect gifts for visitors.

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You can also find handmade accessories, textiles and many more from local looms, carved olive tree wooden products and a series of crafts that have been around for generations.

With friendly and well-informed personnel, visitors will have the opportunity to interact and soak up more information about the products that they will buy and the city itself.

A chance to meet new people, talk to locals and integrate into the community, learning about all the things the destination has to offer. Step forward to get involved with locals that will provide you with experience beyond typical tourist travel.

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Enjoy a glass of local wine at the European Wine City 2018 (awarded by Recevin Network), make discussions flow under warm atmosphere and bring back home a bottle of special indigenous Cretan vine. The Municipality of Rethymno is planning special offers and events during the Cretan Wine Week (23-29 September 2018) that will showcase high-quality local wines at many restaurants and bars with a wide choice of special menus and offers for all occasions.

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Around the city, there are free Wi-Fi hotspots that operate as a useful tool to navigate around and get the information you need.

You can see popular, unusual local produce and absorb the multitude of enticing aromas that set the stage for the city to still feel at home, to still maintain a sense of familiarity, hospitality, and authenticity.


A stroll down the streets of Rethymno’s historic center is an absolute must for finding all the hidden offbeat offerings and treasures.