Rethymno's 6th Cretan Diet Festival-July 2017

Rethymno is pleased to announce the dates and program of the 6th Cretan Diet Festival. Open to the public for another year, promises to present a rich variety of local products, generously offered by Cretan soil, through the love and the effort of the producers, who despite the difficulties are struggling to explore the unique richness of the Cretan land. For another year the festival takes place in the green and updated Rethymo's Municipal Garden and it is organized by the Region of Crete, the Municipality of Rethymno and Rethymno's Chamber of Commerce..

Traditional products and a wide range of brands, gastronomy, culture, folklore, tradition, Cretan music and variable cultural events for all ages, make up the “profile” of the festival, in an effort to strengthen the overall guest experience.

It is a gastronomy event that has been established in Rethymno the recent years. The basic philosophy of the Cretan Diet Festival is to attract young as well as older people. To highlight and promote local Cretan products and to encourage trade agreements for the local producers. It is not only a great opportunity for the primary sector products to be introduced to locals and visitors and to be placed into the international market, but also a chance for all to taste unique flavours, to celebrate tradition and to experience unforgettable memories.

Certified and standard products like Cretan olive oil, cheese, pomegranate, the wine pear, snails, cosmetic products, nuts, rusks, tsikoudia, wine, aloe products and handicrafts with the producers at their stands waiting to inform all the guests. More than any other year, this year 40 companies, 30 local producers with various products from all over Crete are participating. With paid admission, visitors will enjoy a multitude of free attractions ranging from cheese making demonstration to educational and local food exhibits, to wine tasting and local prepared meze eating.

Mayor of Rethymno George Marinakis stated: “It is a celebration that honors the Cretan producers and products, the artisans, artists, our tradition, our music and we are proud of that. This festival gives us the opportunity to show the quality of our people and our products and I think that the cooperation we had with the other two institutions-the Region of Crete and the Chamber of Commerce- is excellent so that all together accomplish and organize such a great event.”.

The event will offer guests a variety of different ways to take part in the action fun, from wine and food tasting, watching the masterpiece dishes being created up close, to learning the tips and techniques of home made food cooking during cooking demonstrations. The fun will extend beyond the local product tasting at the Municipal Garden. Foodie travellers will have the chance to try “Weekly Menu” in many restaurants, which is a special menu introduced by local chefs based on Cretan traditional recipes and local ingredients, pared with local wines.

Cretan Diet Festival gates open at 6 p.m and close at 11 p.m. Tickets are: 5€ general admission, 2€ for children 6-12 years old and for children under 5 years old is free.

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