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Sea Daffodil of Rethymno Beaches

sea daffodil found on the sandy beaches of Rethymno

Discover the delicate and beautiful flowers that can be found on the sandy beaches of Rethymno.

The beautiful sea daffodil, a special flower that grows on the sandy beaches of Rethymno. It is also known as beach saffron or lily of Knossos.

This elegant white sand lily, Pancratium maritimum, represents purity, timeless beauty, and strong hardiness.

sea daffodil found on the sandy beaches of Rethymno
sea daffodil found on the sandy beaches of Rethymno

From August to October, these plants bloom with their pretty white petals, making the coastal landscape even more beautiful.

Their long, slender leaves and small, charcoal-like black seeds make them even more fascinating.

During a late afternoon walk, enjoy the delicate, lovely fragrance of the white flowers of the sea daffodil, which fills the air and creates a magical atmosphere.

According to historical findings, daffodils have existed in Crete since ancient times and are closely linked to the history of Crete.

The Minoans loved these flowers and used them in their art and culture.

They often depicted scenes from nature, Flowers like lilies, irises, and crocuses were part of their art, and the famous "Prince of the Lilies" fresco showed just how important Sea Daffodils were to them.

sea daffodil found on the sandy beaches of Rethymno

The areas where Sea Daffodil's grow are getting smaller because of what people are doing, such as buildings and beach erosion.

As a result, the daffodil is threatened with extinction. There used to be many of these flowers on the beaches of Rethymno, but now there are fewer and fewer. We have to take care of it and make sure that it doesn't disappear, because it represents beauty and strength.


Many hotels protect them and inform visitors about how special they are and why we have to make sure they don't disappear.

Locals and visitors work together to ensure that these pure and beautiful flowers continue to grow and bloom on our beaches for a long time to come.

sea daffodil found on the sandy beaches of Rethymno

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