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Mobility Week Following the success of Car Free Day, the European Mobility Week is held from 16 to 22 September every year since 2002. More than 400 local authorities from 23 countries are already participating from the first year with a variety of events and activities, presenting their urban centers under a different perspective, limiting the use of motor vehicles, encouraging the use of sustainable means of transport and raising awareness of the environmental impact of the way people they choose to transport.

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In Rethymno, a series of initiatives by the Municipality aim to extend the principles of sustainable mobility and to establish it as a way of life for the locals and visitors of Rethymnon.
It has launched and implemented permanent measures that improve the sustainable transport situation in the city while seeking concrete solutions to address challenges such as air pollution and noise pollution, road accidents and health problems towards a more sustainable transport strategy.

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In this context and during the European Mobility Week, a number of events will be held covering the various aspects of mobility and air quality, innovative solutions to reduce car use and its toxic emissions, as well as new technologies or design measures. The goal is to reach the city's inhabitants of all ages. That is why there will be actions and activities that will inform and sensitize the public and the inhabitants, but will also initiate them into another way of life through live experiences and demonstrations.


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Città di Rethymno

I luoghi senza tempo di Rethymno e la varietà dei paesaggi, l'architettura della città, i musei, i siti archeologici, le spiagge sabbiose senza fine e e le escursioni nei paesi vicini vi ricompenseranno con una ricca esperienza culturale e rilassante durante tutto il corso dell'anno. Uscirete dai soliti percorsi. Qui troverete la Grecia incontaminata del passato. Eredità culturale e bellezza naturale. Rethymno offre il meglio di entrambi.



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