Psiloritis Caves Route - Ideon Andron, Sfentoni, Gerondospilio, Eleutherna, Tafkos

There are more than 850 enlisted caves in the prefecture of Rethymno. This happens due to limestone that dominate the mountains of Psiloritis and which gets easily fretted by water. Some caves cannot be visited, while others are in use since the ancient times. All of them are of unique natural beauty, with their dark passages and great depths, showing us the alteration of the ground during thousands of years and creating ancient myths, which survive till today, drawing particular archaeological, historical and folklore interest. Many of the caves were used as worship centers from early Neolithic times to the Roman era or served as shelters for the Cretan revolutionaries during their struggles against the Ottomans in the 19th century, or during the World War II against the Germans. Some caves have been used for ripening and storage of the products, others have turned into temples with most of them being dedicated to Agios Antonios. In spite of the large number, only few of the caves are considered suitable for visiting since many of them are off-limits to the public due to high risks or because the excavations have not been completed yet. There are many speleological clubs on the island, which offer great research and educational work, and they are considered as the most active speleological clubs in Greece. For more information you may visit: or