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2 hot fall sporting events


2 hot fall sporting events

Rethymno loves sports!

Every year it organizes top local, national, and international sports events, such as Arcadia, Psiloritis Race,  TRIMORE M.T. - ISOMAN, OCEANMAN, skiing, Beach Running, City Running, Volley, and many more.  


ISOMAN, 23 - 25 September 2022,  is held both with individual and team (relay) entries.

It is a three-day sports and entertainment event with a special color, cosmopolitan air, and sporting spirit.

It includes the races  Quarter Distance (2,800 m swimming, 24.6 km cycling, and 10.6 km running),  Olympic distance Triathlon (1.5km swimming, 40km cycling, 10km running), and  Half Olympic Distance Triathlon (750m swimming, 20km cycling, 5km running, 5km running, 5km running, 5km running, 5km running, 5km running).


As part of the parallel activities, children's races will also be held (KIDS ISOMAN) including swimming, cycling, running, kids lazer run, kids chess on parallel courts, kids cycling slow bike (kids fun bike), wrestling competitions, yoga for kids.


This fall, Oceanman, the largest international open water swimming race is added to the list, whose finals will be held in Rethymno - for the first time in Greece -between 28-30 October with participants from all over the world. Amateur and professional swimmers and runners are expected to visit once again Crete, a top tourist destination,  through sports tourism.

The Oceanman, designed by swimmers for swimmers, was launched in 2015 and is now held in more than 24 different countries. It's more than just an experience! It's a chance to participate in something that allows you to test your limits and compete with other open-water enthusiasts.

Three different distances (2km-5km-10km), 3x500m relay races, and a separate 500m race for the young friends of the event who will be able to participate in those who will meet with their families.

A unique opportunity to explore the Rethymno's Old Town and other historical places of the island, the famous tradition of Crete, and the unique hospitality of the island.

The city of Rethymno is focused on ensuring the above sporting events deliver a legacy that extends well beyond sports and will bring benefits to the city for years to come. These major sports events are expected to offer a much-deserved boost to the hospitality sector by attracting athletes, and more visitors, and generating tourism interest.

La Ville de Rethymno

Vous êtes invités à découvrir des régions éloignées et incontournables, tout au long de l'année, hors de sentiers battus. Profitez bien de visiter les villages merveilleux, déguster les plats de la véritable cuisine crétoise, le vin et le tsikoudia crétois. Vous pouvez participer à nos fêtes et festivités, mais surtout apprendre à connaître notre esprit d'hospitalité et le vrai caractère de Réthymnon.
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