Public excavation Caramel Boutique Resort and Dedalos Hotel


Public excavation Caramel Boutique Resort and Dedalos Hotel
Fri, 16. August 2019, 18:00 - 20:00
Sea Turtle excavation


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Be a part of a public excavation and experience the miracle of life in front of your eyes. 

18:00 Caramel Boutique Resort  at Adelianos Kampos &

18:00 The Hatchery between Dedalos Beach Hotel and Krini Beach (turn left at Pantelis Taverna)

''Public excavation is called the opening of every nest that with the important help of trained volunteers of ARCHELON secures the survival of the baby sea turtles.

The opening of the nest is made always after a certain number of days have passed when all the hatchlings have been incubated. Even when volunteers take all the necessary measures not all baby turtles to manage to achieve the seashore. Some of them cannot get out of the nest, either because they hatched late or are buried under shells. Some don't even hatch out of their eggs while others hatch out of their eggs but die before they get off the nest. This is all part of the normal procedure and that's why sea turtle lay a lot of eggs.
Once the volunteers let the healthy hatchlings to dig their way up to the nest and move to the seashore they dig the nest to see what is left. In this way, it is recorded by ARCHELON the percentage of the incubation success, namely how many baby sea turtles went successfully into the water and how many were not incubated and for what reason. It is often though some belated baby turtles to be left in the nest, where the trained volunteers take action into their hands and carefully frees them and lead them in a certain way to the water. 
    The whole procedure is a unique experience for all of you to participate! 

more info: Paxinos Odysseas +30 6937352379

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Rethymno 18 km long sandy beach is ideal for swimming and sunbathing.  It is also the ideal reproduction site for the famous Caretta-Caretta sea turtle 

City of Rethymno

Rethymno’s timeless attractions and diverse landscapes, city architecture, museums, archaeological sites, endless sandy beaches and escapes to nearby villages will reward you with a rich cultural yet relaxed experience all year round. Step off of the beaten path into the untouched Greece of the past. Cultural pride and natural beauty – Rethymno offers the best of both.



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  +30 28310 21459
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