Cretan Diet Festival 2019


Cretan Diet Festival 2019
Thu, 4. July 2019, 19:00 - 23:00
Municipal Garden - Rethymno
Cretan Diet Festival




19: 00-23:00 Local Food Trade Show


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19:00-21:00 Children's Programme


The Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete and the Educational Sector of Visual Workshops present the educational action “The Mediterranean Sea, games, colors, perfumes!” Through a series of group games, we will experience the Mediterranean Sea, the games children play on its shores and their healthy eating habits, its herbs, and aromas.

Programme organisation/animation: Dr. Sofia Trouli- Museum Educator.


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20:00 Cocktail Party

Well-known Rethymnian and Cretan mixologists are creating delicious signature cocktails, based on Cretan wines, Greek spirits, and various products of Greece. Music performed by great DJ’s.


Municipal Garden
Municipal Garden


The Municipal Garden of Rethymno is an attraction near the city center of Rethymno, at Tessaron Martyron Square at the borders of the Old Town with the new town. A green area that consists of a playground, hydrants with fresh drinkable water, a fountain and a cafeteria is the Municipal Garden of Rethymno, the third to be created in the city in 1925 after the Police School Garden and the today’s Customs Garden in the old port.

City of Rethymno

Rethymno’s timeless attractions and diverse landscapes, city architecture, museums, archaeological sites, endless sandy beaches and escapes to nearby villages will reward you with a rich cultural yet relaxed experience all year round. Step off of the beaten path into the untouched Greece of the past. Cultural pride and natural beauty – Rethymno offers the best of both.



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