Cretan Diet Festival 2019


Cretan Diet Festival 2019
Παρ, 5. Ιούλιος 2019, 19:00 - 23:00
Municipal Garden - Rethymno
Cretan Diet Festival



Free Entrance

19:00-23:00 Local Food Trade Show

19:00-21:00 Children's Programme

 «Aloe and prickly pear»

Learn more about these two unique Cretan products that improve your health and general wellbeing. It is the ultimate combination of vitamins which shields and heals our body from many diseases. We will approach them through sensory games and with the valuable help of our nutritionist.

Speaker: Haris Haronitis-nutritionist


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  • Μinoan Tastes by Jerolyn Morrison

Dr Jerolyn Morrison and Mrs Evi Christoulaki will be happy to welcome you! Dr Morrison is a potter, anthropologist and archaeologist living and working in Crete since 1997. Mrs Evi Christoulaki is from Rethymno and has recently finished her studies in Business and Alternative Tourism.

Minoan cooking constitutes a unique culinary experience, a trip in Minoan culture and history of Crete. We use a slow cooking process in Minoan-style ceramic cooking pots. Our favourite recipes are lentils with coriander and honey, lamb with xinohondros and sage, pork with fruits! 

  • "What did the Minoans drink?"

Members of the Recevin present the long journey of the ancient Cretan varieties Dafni-Plyto through time.



21:00 Traditional Cretan music and dances from the “Arkadi” dance group.

Music performed by Michalis Pavlakis and his band


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21:30 Mariella Vitorou & Spyros Xenitopoulos "Walk in the Neighbourhoods of the World"

Mariella Vitorou and Spyros Xenitopoulos along with Giannis Kiagiadakis-piano, Zacharias Dramountanis-bass and Christos Sagient-drums perform songs from the Greek and international music scene now and then.  


Municipal Garden
Municipal Garden


The Municipal Garden of Rethymno is an attraction near the city center of Rethymno, at Tessaron Martyron Square at the borders of the Old Town with the new town. A green area that consists of a playground, hydrants with fresh drinkable water, a fountain and a cafeteria is the Municipal Garden of Rethymno, the third to be created in the city in 1925 after the Police School Garden and the today’s Customs Garden in the old port.

Πόλη του Ρεθύμνου

Τα διαχρονικά αξιοθέατα και η ποικιλία των τοπίων, η αρχιτεκτονική της πόλης, τα μουσεία και οι αρχαιολογικοί χώροι, οι ατέλειωτες αμμουδιές και οι αποδράσεις σε κοντινά χωριά θα σας ανταμείψουν για την επιλογή σας, με μια πλόυσια πολιτιστική αλλά και χαλαρωτική εμπειρία κάθε εποχή του χρόνου. Δραπετεύστε από τα συνήθη μονοπάτια και ταξιδέψτε σε μια Ελλάδα περασμένων καιρών. Πολιτισμός και φυσική ομορφιά! Το Ρέθυμνο προσφέρει απλόχερα και τα δύο.

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Γραφείο Τουρισμού Δήμου Ρεθύμνου
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  +30 28310 21459
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