What about a sea turtle nest excavation ?

Witnessing a baby turtle during that magical moment of excavation is a joyful experience

and you are invited to participate in our ongoing turtle conservation program.

Sea Turtle Caretta species come out of the ocean onto the shore each spring and summer, where they dig in and lay from 120 to 150 eggs.

sea turtle excavation4 sea turtle excavation2

In a couple months under the cover of the night, the hatchlings dig and claw their way to the surface and toward the surf. Despite seeing all the hatchlings off to the water's edge only one in a thousand will likely survive to adulthood making the work we do to safeguard them extremely crucial. In order to ensure the survival of the hatchlings, we should ask for the artificial lights near nesting beaches to be turned off during the season.

sea turtle excavation3 baby sea turtle

In case you are curious to see what a loggerhead nest looks like and maybe a few late hatchlings, stay tuned for the scheduled public nest excavation events!

Children are given a unique advantage of witnessing at first-hand the wonder of nature and the positive results of our Sea Turtle conservation projects. The excavation  program will be announced for each nesting site in Rethymno separately and will be published weekly on the www.rethymno.guide and in ARCHELON’s official website.Sea turtle excavation season in Rethymno is from July to late September each year and visitors are invited to participate whenever there is an active event, a memory that will last a lifetime.

 Information will also be available from the Information Kiosks of ARCHELON in the Venetian harbor of Rethymnon.

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