Traditional Cretan music and dancing experiences

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Rethymno Department of Tourism & Volunteer network "RethElondo" through visitors experience management has adopted a new approach promoting tradition to our visitors. Our focus is to keep the Cretan music and dance, Cretan tradition and spirit, alive in the hearts and minds of locals and visitors. Through this video via our platform it also reaches people, who are planning to come to Rethymno, to experience local tradition, offering a real contribution to a world more open to everybody.

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We are truly excited about presenting a rendezvous of traditional musical performance, sharing a common passion for music by Kordazakis lyra, and Synolakis lagouto -  each of those instruments is a treasure as it represents the traditional culture and custom of Crete - providing live music to the dance performances by Horokrites. During their performance last Friday August 7 at Rethymno marina,  the local folklore group of artists and dancers demonstrated their passion far beyond music and dance meeting local history, tradition and culture. Locals and visitors had the opportunity to taste Cretan dishes offered by Papadopetrakis Catering and enjoy Cretan music & dances.

The Folklore Group Horokrites  was founded in September 2018 by two experienced dancers and choreographers Emmanuel Caparo and Maria Aglioti.They organize performances and events for the preservation and revival of local dances and the traditional Cretan customs. Occasionally they participate in cultural events all over Greece and abroad. Horokrites is a group of people who believe in tradition and local roots, aiming to give young people the chance to feel and  preserve the Cretan dance steps, Cretan music and the rebellious soul of Cretan people.

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Crete - Sense the authentic

New video promoting the island of Crete to audiences worldwide

Rethymno awarded as safer and more accessible city for cyclists and pedestrians

Rethymno received distinction as part of European Mobility Week 2019 for its efforts to promote safe walking and cycling.

Rethymno is the second recipient of the European Mobility awards taking place at Zappeion Hall July 9 2020 for its major efforts implementing  to promote safe and sustainable transportation choices.

Greek Orthodox Easter during the Coronavirus lockdown

mitropolitis rethimnis

crete Easter

Easter, the most important holiday on the calendar for Christians, begins in a few weeks.

Rethymno cultural events are still on

Don’t you have plans yet?  Not to worry,  here are a few things to do to enjoy and chase your summer.

Events & experiences  are rescheduled for Rethymno's cultural restart !

cultural events 2020 2

Rethymno is open and wants to embrace its guests as an ideal place to explore and participate in cultural events. It's a city alive with a sense of community and a clear focus on health and well-being and ready to ensure that experiences are safe and memorable.

cultural events 2020 1Rethymno is slowly returning to its normal rhythms after a difficult period. Its vibrant community comes alive after Covid-19 with several events lined up that will make this summer one to remember. The events are starting to be running and the city regains its glamour, combining the security necessary with all the hygienic measures, full of pleasure, enjoyment, and at the same times its privileged spirit.
A wide range of events are scheduled in unique locations, such as the Fortezza Castle and in exceptional areas, such as the Arkadi Monastery. Whether it’s a musical performance from a local musician or a concert, even a performance by Greek National Opera in Rethymno or at archeological sites, an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Rethymno region’s artistic characters are committed to create a one-of-a-kind experience for locals and visitors alike.

gastronomic delights2020

Visitors will enjoy truly unique experiences, from historic sites to gastronomic delights. Rethymno is well known as a gastronomic holiday destination. Locations will have limited capacities, locally-loved food, wine pairings that can be enjoyed outdoor not only in old town but can be combined with excursions throughout the broader area.

Get inspired for your next visit.

Visit the Rethymno website to learn more about the events on how to explore more ideas for giving the gift of travel this summer season.

Rethymno museums reopen June 15

Museums in Rethymno are reopening to the public after being closed for almost three months during the coronovarius pandemic.

blue flags 2020

blue flag 20220

In Rethymno 11 sites have been granted Blue Flags that reflect the excellence in water quality, information provision, environmental education, safety, and the proper beach management.

Rethymno Days 2020

Rethymno Days

This year, the Festival Rethymno Days will try to break the social isolation,  we are bringing home our art with live streaming broadcasts.

loyal visitors friendship award

Since 2007 and every consecutive year the Municipality of Rethymno awards its loyal visitors with a friendship award.

People return to dining experiences as restaurants reopen

As restaurants, cafes & bars are opened since May 25 is part of the fourth phase of the Greek government plan to loosen restrictions.

Live streamed event brought virtually together all the members of Rethymno Tourism Committee with the mayor

web meeting over Zoom1

The Rethymno Tourist Committee hosted a web meeting over Zoom on  Tuesday, April 21st bringing all public and private participants in 
tourism and hospitality to roll out measures to support the local economy.

public advice for coronavirus

As the number of coronavirus cases in Greece rose health authorities called on people to stay at home and avoid exposure to potential infection.

Stadt von Rethymno

Rethymnos mediterranes Flair, lebendige Landschaften, Altstadt – Architektur, archäologische Stätten, meilenweite Sandstrände und malerische Bergdörfer werden Sie mit einem multikulturellen und zugleich Entspannungserlebnis belohnen. Steigen Sie aus den normalen Touristenpfaden aus, in die Jahrhunderte des Renaissance – Griechenlands. Stolze Kulrur Vergangenheit und Naturschönheit in einem.
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