Outdoor Photo Exhibition DICTIONARY

From August 18, 2020 19:30 until September 30, 2020 19:02
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Outdoor Photo Exhibition DICTIONARY

outdoor photography exhibition5Rethymno Photography Classes hold a photography exhibition entitled "dictionary" on the north exterior of the municipal garden of Rethymnon (side of the main entrance).









outdoor photography exhibition7The exhibition will last from Tuesday 18/8/20 (opens at 19:30) and will last until 30-9-20.









outdoor photography exhibition1The exhibition features works by 34 local artists - photographers.  This outdoor photo exhibition gives locals and visitors a reason to stroll in the old town and see the amazing art work. 









outdoor photography exhibition2


outdoor photography exhibition4

What is a word?

A word is the smallest unit of language that functions as a carrier of meaning, it can be pronounced or written and it can be used independently in speech. In speaking it is inserted between two pauses and it is written between two spaces…

All of the above are true about speaking or writing. However, what about “the speech of picture”? How can we transform a word into a picture?

Let’s start from the beginning, by going back to the “confinement” and the lockdown because of the COVID-19. We were suddenly called to face an unprecedented situation. We stayed at home and our living space was restricted. As this was having some negative effects on our disposition, feeling worried, scared and anxious, we tried to feel better and be more creative while staying at home. Also, the Photography lessons were conducted online. The adaptation was quick and we only had to find a way to do some photography projects at home.

So, the words came…

Every morning, three words were given and each student-photographer had to transform them into a picture, each word separately or not. It was a powerful stimulus for all and we were feeling like every day was different than the day before, because of this activity.

We used the words. We worked with them, with our thoughts and our experiences. The “words” were activating our feeling daily -in a positive or negative way- our imagination and our creativity. We took the words and we created pictures. Though this exercise we realized how different we all are. So, a seemingly common word was depicted in a totally different way, according to the psyche, the experiences and the personal outlook of each one of us.

The quarantine is over. However, we really enjoyed this exercise, so it remains and it accompanies our education. It just became a weekly exercise, as our free time decreased by returning to our daily life.

We chose some photos from an extensive amount of photos, in order to create the exhibition. In each photo we don’t mention the word, according to which the photo was taken, so that we don’t restrict your imagination and to let you unaffected and free to “see” the exhibition with your own perception…

Exhibition participants in alphabetical order:

Alevizakis Pantelis, Androulidaki Maria, Berilaki Aspa, Dhmhtrakaki Soula, Dilintas Giwrgos, Dobreva Daniela, Filippaki Voula, Findrili Sophia, Fragkiadaki Aggeliki, Fwtaki Maria, Fwtaki Zoi, Galliou Myrsini, Kaloudi Iwanna, Kavgalaki Katerina, Kourgeri Fwteini, Kwnstantatou Stella, La George Renate, Lyri Eleni, Malliarou Despoina, Manston Alexandra, Maravelaki Katerina, Mourtzanou Litsa, Pantazidou Marialena, Peppas Nikos, Perpiraki Eleni, Psyxi Eleni, Seridakis Manousos, Tzigounaki Anastasia, Vardakis Kwstas, Vasilopoulou Maria, Votzaki Eleftheria, Xofaki Lydia-Iliana, Xrhstelli Melinta, Zografaki Despoina,