Cycling Route Rethymno – Karoti

A circular route west of Rethymno, above the New and Old National roads. At the bridge of Petre and heading towards south, the road climbs to the traditional village of Karoti and meets the beautiful Old National Road. A detour leads to Kato Varsamonero, where the King's Cave is situated and the Byzantine church of Agios Ioannis with beautiful murals of the 14th century. It then leads back to the main road and, passing through the villages of Fratzeskiana Metochia, a picturesque and tranquil settlement. The Primary School of the village has been operating since 1837. This building, known also as the "House of the Teacher", became the European Fairy Tale Center, where the first European fairy tale seminar was held in 1997 with the participation of several international storytellers.

The road continues to the already mentioned above villages of Agios Andreas, Gonia, Prines and Atsipopoulo, and reaches Rethymno.