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Cretan Diet Festival 2022

Cretan Diet Festival 2022

From July 02, 2022 19:00 until July 02, 2022 23:30

At Municipal Garden

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Saturday, July 2nd  2022

19:00 - 23:00 Local Food Trade Show

Cretan Diet Festival 2019 6

19:00 - 20:30 “Fairy tales that don’t make children fall asleep and awaken the grown-ups.”

educational program

Fairy tales are told not to make children fall asleep, but to awaken adults instead.

The Greeks of Asia Minor had a distinct cultural identity, which they carried with their uprooting. Fairy tales an sounds will be heard from other
homelands such as: The snake tree from Smyrna, The shoemaker from Vourla, Food is a custom from Choza stories, the ant and the camel, the snake from

Narration and interpretation: Maria Tsouknani

Music editing: Ifigenia Griniaraki
The narration will be followed by a Cretan wedding bread workshop, open to all ages!

Cretan Diet Festival 2019 1


19:00 - 21:00

“Presentation of the work of the folk artist, Dimitris Tergiakis or Mourmoura”

Originally from Asia Minor, he came to Rethymno in the 1930s, carrying with him the memories of the persecution from his place of origin, depicted in his paintings.

Χρήστος Θηβαίος Ειδήσεις - Όλα τα νέα από το

21:30 Christos Thivaios concert

Christos Thivaios collects and presents his best moments and his greatest hits, from “Usual Suspects” and Hamlet of the moon
to “Iron Island”. He gives a special tribute to his beloved friend and composer, Thanos Mikroutsikos. He also selects from his large discography all our
favourite songs of his own and combines them with songs that he adores.

He has also included a music trip to his neighborhood, Exarchia, which was associated with some of the most important figures of our modern culture: Nikolas Asimos,
Pavlos Sidiropoulos and Arleta.

Band: Maximos Drakos : piano,

Petros Varthakouris : Bass,

Giannis Agelopoulos : drums,

Giorgos Korres: sound