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  evosmos logo   Evosmos S.A. is a standardization unit located in Episkopi that ensures the authenticity and quality of olive oil. The extra virgin olive oil is an absolutely natural product, received exactly as it leaves the olive oil mill, without any processing or additives. Branded, standard olive oils undergo strict controls by the competent authorities. These controls are the safeguards for consumers and guarantee the purity of the final product.

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  Image result for Agreco Farms Agreco farm provides a fascinating insight into the organic production of the island’s simple and healthy food. Authentic Cretan products from the farm, an organic collection of herbal body care products inspired by the mythical nature of Crete, exclusive lines with authentic gourmet food products and selected organic delicacies.

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  Candia Crop.jpg “Candia Crop” is a family business dealing with the production, processing, and trade of table olives based in Rethymno.

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zero one logo 600x315   Zero One” olive oil focus is to produce high quality extra virgin organic olive oil with modern harvesting equipment that respects the tree. By following the highest quality standards and insisting on every painstaking detail, it reaches minimum acidity levels every year. Zero One is organic olive oil certified from BioHellas.

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meraki Eliaki Meraki Eliaki   A well-known cheese and dairy product plant located in Kato Malaki, Rethymno.  Using innovative equipment and technology, the company offers traditional dairy products of unique quality.  more info:

as mulopotamou Agricultural Cooperative Mylopotamou 

The Agricultural Cooperative of Mylopotamos has its own supermarkets with local products from the Region of Mylopotamos, as well as special facilities to produce certified organic olive oil. Using high-end laboratory equipment, they conduct chemical analyses for the production of extra virgin olive oil. In a modern cheese-making plant, cheese and dairy products of high-quality are also produced.

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Cheesemaking unit- Manousos Gryllakis Situated in Georgioupoli, this cheese-making unit offers traditional cheese and dairy products of the highest quality.

orfanoudakis  Orfanoudakis Royal Jelly With almost a century of experience in the bees, Orfanoudakis Royal Jelly produces for you their most precious good that is called Royal Jelly. It is a food of high nutritional value, full of vitamins and special elements attributed to the queen bee. It strengthens the body against illnesses and rejuvenates the human body. 

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Η εικόνα ίσως περιέχει: ποτό και εσωτερικός χώρος HONEYmoon trip Despina Gipari is a local honey producer from Chania. Honey contains natural sugars, minerals and vitamins, antioxidant properties and is also fat-free. More info:Ταξιδι-μελιτος-943712145718215/  

Δεν υπάρχει διαθέσιμη περιγραφή για τη φωτογραφία. Honey Cooperative Melitevs The Melitevs cooperative honey producers offer the unique thyme honey of Crete based on their long-centuries experience. More info: 

Kata Markon  The “KATA MARKON farm”, based in Chania, is active in the production and trade of honey, wine, and olive oil, offering products unique in taste and quality.

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spitiko meraki home  The family business “SPITIKO MERAKI” has created and is offering you a line of products based on Cretan tsikoudia. Taste Cretan Tsikoudia in its natural flavor, but also with honey and aromatic herbs, pomegranate juice, citron flavor, carob syrup, coffee, and lime all prepared with passion and according to the traditional Cretan recipes we have inherited from our ancestors.

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Image result for Kritika kapnistaKritika kapnista .  George Kostakis and Chrissi Kritikou produce their own apaki, siglina and vinegar sausages for excellent tidbits in the Cretan menu. What makes their flavor so unique is the very particular curing method, which involves smoking the pork over herbs, and thus infusing it with all their wonderful aromas. More info: 

 Î Î±ÏÎ±Î´Î¿ÏƒÎ¹Î±ÎºÏŒÏ‚ Ξυλόφουρνος Μυστράκη - Ατσιπόπουλο, Ρέθυμνο Κρήτης Παξιμάδια, Τσουρέκια κ.α.Mystraki Wood Oven   The most special wheat rusks are those made by Mistraki. Kneaded by hand and baked in wood-burning ovens, they’re so light and crisp, it feels like eating freshly baked bread. Visit them in the Atsipopoulo area or ask for their rusks at the island’s supermarkets and delicatessens. More info:  

Culta Terra CULTA TERRA Culta Terra is a certified organic mushroom farm in Giannoudi, Rethymno. Culta Terra is linked to the Manitarotopos store in the center of Rethymno, where you can find fresh mushrooms every day as well as various mushroom products. More info: 

 Maggiri  Maggiri Traditional homemade pasta ''Maggiri'' the homemade traditional pasta workshop, faithful to tradition, was created to offer pure and high-quality pasta, without preservatives and colorings impurities, kneaded with free-range eggs and brand fresh, sheep's milk from local producers. More info: 


The biological products of “A & Ω KIVOTOS” are made with traditional Cretan recipes and methods. They are certified and constantly undergo strict quality controls, to ensure that when they reach to the consumer, they are safe and of the highest quality.  More info:  

asko fruit Askofruit Bio-Products  Organic pomegranate juice Unique fresh organic pomegranate juice combined with its strong antioxidant activity, giving your body all the vitamins, antioxidants, folic acid, iron and potassium that it needs daily. Here you can find the delicious flavor of pomegranate seeds simply in a package and the excellent quality pomegranate jam made from natural organic ingredients with no added preservatives, coloring or fragrances. More info:  

Η εικόνα ίσως περιέχει: φαγητόBakery Shop-Katsouli Sapfo Authentic Cretan Sfakianopites

Sfakianopites or pies from Sfakia! The bakery shop of Katsouli Sapfo offers delicious pies made in Crete, well-known for their flavor.

More info:ΚΑΤΣΟΥΛΗ-ΣΑΠΦΩ-362673003836624/ 

 escargot Escargot de Crete

The Escargot de Crete has created a unique snail breeding farm based at Latzima, Rethymno, creating innovative gourmet and the finest products with high nutritional value, based on the Cretan and Mediterranean diet. The firm is also known for its wide cosmetic line, offering the world a truly unique product, a gift of nature and knowledge. 

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Δεν υπάρχει διαθέσιμη περιγραφή για τη φωτογραφία. Damavolos Bakery  

Traditional bakery products. Freshly baked bread based on authentic Greek recipes, different types of rusks, traditional sweet pastries. more info

Image result for Minoan Land agricultural cooperative Minoan Land

 The Minoan Land is an agricultural cooperative with Pancretan scope which deals with Prickly pears, Aloe and Herbs cultivation, and trade. The cooperative is based in Chondros, at the southern part of Heraklion region. Its mission is to maximize the production in the benefit of the farmers by investing in processing, standardization, and trade of the products.

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 Î— εικόνα ίσως περιέχει: φαγητό Amalia

 Traditional products of the Cretan diet. Production and trade of spoon sweets and related items such as pickles, artichokes, sauces, and various treats. More info:


 Î— εικόνα ίσως περιέχει: κείμενοChimney Cakes

Situated in the center of Rethymno, the rolling bakery offers Hungarian fresh-baked pastries.

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Image result for AMALTHIA cosmetics  Amalthia cosmetics are natural cosmetics which combine olive oil and plant extracts. They are suitable for persons with very sensitive skin or even allergies. Dermatologically tested and constantly checked.

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ATHOS - Handmade natural personal care productsATHOS Workshop

 “Athos” workshop, where natural personal care products are made, is located in Aggeliana, Rethymno. The pure materials of the Cretan land, the herbs, and the essential oils enrich the core of the extra virgin organic olive oil, creating pure and original soaps, creams as well as herbal extracts.

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Cretan Olive Oil Spa Cretan olive oil spa

 Made with olive oil, Diktamos, Aloe Vera, snail saliva, Melissa and calendula these products are ideal for all skin types.

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CloClo Cloclo’s Art

 Wood, paper, fabrics, metal, nature's materials get to shape and life through Cloclo's creative imagination to live forever and give life to your own inner searching and memories.

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Program of  Festival July 1-7, 2019

Cretan Diet Festival 2019 6 cdf 2012 treating

A culinary experience in Rethymno! Cretan Diet Festival July 1-7, 2019

It is said that Crete’s greatest treasure is to be found in its cuisine. Excellent health and longevity are attributed to the traditional Cretan diet. The Cretan diet has been recognized since ancient times as the ideal for maintaining health and longevity. This diet is not just a variety of dishes presented on the table; it embodies a whole philosophy of life, the quality way of life of the Cretan people.

Cretan Diet Festival 2019 5 Cretan Diet Festival 2019-3.jpg

Get to know the city from the gastronomic events that are organized all through the year.

In July, the Cretan Diet Festival presents the Rethymno culinary treasures, revealing the secrets of traditional Cretan cuisine. Cretan Diet Festival is a unique culinary experience, a real delight. It's a week full of cultural activities, a meeting place where wine and cheese producers and local farmers show off their products.

Cretan Diet Festival 2019 1 Cretan Diet Festival 2019 4

Plan your visit and discover the Cretan way of life and the worldwide known famous Cretan cuisine, based on local ingredients. Celebrate the culinary traditions of Rethymno with traditional food cultural getaways, wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, seminars and live interactive events at the Municipal Garden, just in the heart of the town. During the first week of July, the Municipal Garden will be filled with passionate cooks, precious local products and delicious food, accompanied by Greek music, traditional dances, and many cultural events.

 cdf 2015 dancing cdf dancing 1 cdf dancing 2

 Experience the wonderful Cretan spirit in its purest form…at one of the most vibrant culinary summer festivals of Crete!

8th Cretan Diet Festival Programme 2019

Monday 1st July 2019

Free Entrance

19: 00-23:00 Local Food Trade Show


19: 00-21:00 Children's Programme

Part A: 19:00-20:00 "Internet, diet and children"

Good habits and practices, from courtesy to nutrition and sleep. An informative and interactive presentation for the whole family that you should not miss!

Editing-Presentation: Mrs. Lousi Sirinian-Ambassador of the Hellenic Safer Internet Centre.

Part B: 20:00-21:00 "Nectar and Ambrosia"

Visual action based on Greek mythology. Engraving and graphics!

Editing-Presentation Mrs. Katarina Vasickova, visual artist

Gods were nourished too”

GODS IN GREEK MYTHOLOGY – What do children know about Greek mythology? What do we mean by painting, original engravings, and graphics?


20:00 Opening ceremony of the Cretan Diet Festival 2019

  • Attended by Evgenios, Metropolitan Bishop of Rethymno and Avlopotamos.
  • Greetings by authorities and institutions

21:00 Traditional Cretan music and dances with the Vrakoforoi Cretan Dance Group

21:30 Concert of Cretan and Folk Music performed by Manolis Kontaros and his band 

            A summer walk that starts from Crete and Rizitika, passes through the islands with their traditional music, goes on with folk songs from various geographic regions of Greece and ends up in Crete again with traditional songs and dances, full of dynamism and pride. All the above presented in a music program that bears the signature of Manolis Kontaros and his band.

With the participation of Michalis Georvasakis (Lyra), Manolis Kidonakis (Lute), Nikiforos Volanakis (wind instruments), Dimitris Papoutsakis (Harmonium and song) and Nikos Vrettos (Drums).


Tuesday 2nd July 2019

19:00-23:00 Local Food Trade Show

19:00-21:00 Children's Programme

  • 19:00 - 20:00 Part A 'Cheese, a Natural Nutritional Value!!!!’

The Manoukarakis Company SA with its cheese products "Amari" will share with us some product information, nutrition tips, and small cheese industry secrets. Speaker: Mr. Iraklis Manoukarakis

  • 20: 00-21: 00 Part B

Cooking cheese recipes with our little friends! 

We roll up our sleeves, wear an apron and a cap and here we go.... Ready for cheese-adventures!!!

Organized by Aerostato

20:00 “Wine and Art”

  • “Emotions”, Katarina Vasickova

Katarina Vasickova is a Slovak artist who has been living and working in Athens since 2002. The exhibition “Emotions” includes paintings, graphic prints, and drawings.
 As a visual artist, she handles the hidden deep passion of her existence, as we always seek the communication of the heart with the soul. She expresses herself through her art. Katarina through this exhibition shows the meaning of what it is to be a woman, highlighting the strength, the resilience, the softness, and the determination.

  • Wine servers and members of the group Recevin, present and discuss the emblematic red varieties of Mandilari and Kotsifali of Crete.

21:30 "Erotica Project"- Monsieur Minimal, Dakis, Andriana Babali

This program includes songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s and today in the retro and vintage mood of Monsieur Minimal's latest album entitled Erotica.
            After their numerous, sold-out performances in Athens in 2018 and 2019, Monsieur Minimal, Dakis and Andriana Babali continue their tour this time combining the old with the new pop music, making our summer nights truly memorable and romantic.

“Erotica Project” contributors: Monsieur Minimal (Vocals), Dakis (Vocals), Andriana Babali (Vocals), Vangelis Aslanidis (Drums), Velis (Bass), Eliot (Harmonium), Kostas Katsaros (Trumpet), Yannis Papaioannou (Sound)


Wednesday 3rd July 2019

19: 00-23:00 Local Food Trade Show

19: 00-21:00 Children's Programme

19:00-20:00 "Egg: A superfood in our kitchen!"

The Kokolakis Estate will give us useful information about egg safety and consumption and much more... Many special surprises are waiting for our young visitors!

Speaker Mrs. Litsa Kokolaki


20:00-21:00 Part B Art workshops based on the egg

Artists in action! We create mosaics with eggshells and other handicrafts with eggs as our raw material.

Organized by Kokolakis Estate


20:00 Ozlem Pelagia Tsega "Crete lives in Smyrna"

An assortment of perfumes, flavors, and memories from yesterday will be presented by Ozlem Pelagia Tsenga from Chania. The preparation of sewn meat on one side will be presented as well as the way Smyrna residences coming from Crete are trying to keep their memories alive, feeling this bittersweet emotion of nostalgia.

“That's why my name is Ozlem, which means "nostalgia" and Pelagia, as my two homelands, Smyrna and Chania, share the same sea,” she says.

“Our common foods vary. They are basically symbols of people’s culture and philosophy, a diffusion of cultural heritage in the present and I think it is worth retrieving a memory of Crete”.

  • Distilling tradition coming from Greece

Members of the group Recevin present Greek distillers.

 21:00 Traditional Cretan music and dances with the "Arsani" Dance Group Performed by Manolis Skoutelis and his band.


21:30 "Orient Express - A Music Journey from Constantinople to Paris".

Band: Kyriakos Gouvendas (violin), Evi Mazi (singer), Vougioukas Dimos (Accordion), Giannis Tsertos (piano), Vaggelis Bopeas (Violin).

Follow the legendary train from Constantinople to Paris. Starting from Constantinople and the Galata taverns and passing through the capital cities of Europe, Budapest, Vienna, and Bucharest. Then, through the Hungarian Czardas, the Romanian chords, and the Viennese waltz, the train arrives in Paris, where we will enjoy the atmosphere of the legendary cabaret of Edith Piaf. At the end of the trip, we arrive home, feeling nostalgic, where we set off a big feast in order to celebrate our return.

We come to “Catharsis” and this trip from East to West and backward offers us a great musical journey around the world.



Thursday 4th July 2019


19: 00-23:00 Local Food Trade Show

19:00-21:00 Children's Programme


The Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete and the Educational Sector of Visual Workshops present the educational action “The Mediterranean Sea, games, colours, perfumes!” Through a series of group games, we will experience the Mediterranean Sea, the games children play on its shores and their healthy eating habits, its herbs and aromas.

Programme organisation/animation: Dr. Sofia Trouli- Museum Educator.


20:00 Cocktail Party

Well-known Rethymnian and Cretan mixologists are creating delicious signature cocktails, based on Cretan wines, Greek spirits and various products of Greece. Music performed by great DJ’s.


Friday 5th July 2019


Free Entrance

19:00-23:00 Local Food Trade Show

19:00-21:00 Children's Programme

 «Aloe and prickly pear»

Learn more about these two unique Cretan products that improve your health and general wellbeing. It is the ultimate combination of vitamins which shields and heals our body from many diseases. We will approach them through sensory games and with the valuable help of our nutritionist.

Speaker: Haris Haronitis-nutritionist



  • Μinoan Tastes by Jerolyn Morrison

Dr. Jerolyn Morrison and Mrs. Evi Christoulaki will be happy to welcome you! Dr. Morrison is a potter, anthropologist and archaeologist living and working in Crete since 1997. Mrs. Evi Christoulaki is from Rethymno and has recently finished her studies in Business and Alternative Tourism.

Minoan cooking constitutes a unique culinary experience, a trip in Minoan culture and history of Crete. We use a slow cooking process in Minoan-style ceramic cooking pots. Our favorite recipes are lentils with coriander and honey, lamb with xinohondros and sage, pork with fruits! 

  • "What did the Minoans drink?"

Members of the Recevin present the long journey of the ancient Cretan varieties Dafni-Plyto through time.

21:00 Traditional Cretan music and dances from the “Arkadi” dance group.

Music performed by Michalis Pavlakis and his band


21:30 Mariella Vitorou & Spyros Xenitopoulos "Walk in the Neighbourhoods of the World"

Mariella Vitorou and Spyros Xenitopoulos along with Giannis Kiagiadakis-piano, Zacharias Dramountanis-bass and Christos Sagient-drums perform songs from the Greek and international music scene now and then.  


Saturday 6th July 2019

19:00-23:00 Local Food Trade Show

19:00-21:00 Children's Programme

“Bread. Wise children cook before they get hungry” (old Greek proverb).

The program aims to familiarize the small visitors with the nutritional value of bread, educating them to a healthier way of life through activities and games. Yeast lessons for kids!!!

Speaker: The baker Mrs. Amalia Charokopou Toutountzidaki.

Organized by Aerostato

20:00 Modern Crete

Homemade pasta "Magiri", Cretan smoked meat and fresh mushrooms "Culta Terra" in a combination of traditional and modern flavors.

21:00 Cretan music and dances by the “Erofili” traditional dance group.

Music performed by Giannis Diniakos and his band

21:30 Music concert with Kostas Martakis

The popular artist, particularly among youth, will entertain us with his songs.

Sunday 7th July 2019


The Island of feelings, based on a story by Jorge Bucay.

"The Island of Emotions" based on a story by Jorge Bucay. An interactive show by Hippo Theatre Group about emotional intelligence, full of humor, sensitivity, physical theatre, dancing, and singing. 

Drama designers: Sissy Ignatidou, Alex Raptis, Fotis Dousos, Louisa Nikolaou. Actors: Sissy Ignatidou, Niki Petala, Alex Raptis, Movements: Mika Stefanaki, Costumes: Matina Megla, Masks: Martha Foka, Direction-music composition: Hippo Theatre Group (Alex Raptis - Fotis Dousos).


Kostas Fiotakis, born in Chania, is a successful Greek singer, also known for his amazing tributes to Dimitris Mitropanos and other great Greek singers from the past. The artist will give a tribute-concert to Mimis Plessas - Giorgos Spanos - Giorgos Hatzinasios.

Organized by the Association of Parents of the Special Education School of Rethymno...

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