Spring in Rethymno

 nature spring

Spring is already in the air and Rethymno is here again, more exciting than ever, ready to welcome you. If you are looking for a peaceful retreat for your vacation, you can definitely find one in Rethymno during spring time.


cyclamenspring flowers

Over the years, hundreds of travelers from various parts of the world, visit Rethymno during the spring season, in order to experience its wonderful nature.

Visitors as well as locals, like to explore the incredible wilderness and history of Rethymno, by walking through its trails and its wild and scenic routes that are spread all over the broader area of the city. Rethymno's visitors are looking for an experience that goes beyond location and ordinary hospitality and, having a growing awareness about ecological issues, they wish to minimize their impact on the environment even when on vacation. In Rethymno, the outdoor adventure is totally accessible for all as the city highly values the environment and is dedicated to its protection. 

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You can visit Rethymno’s info points to get more location-specific information for many nature excursions and special events in the city or the broader area and to find routes that are more targeted to your interests.


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